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Last Updated: May 16, 2022

America is home to millions of sports fans and a playing field for all sports of the world. Among all these, in the United States, one stands above the rest, and that is football.

The first game of American football supposedly took place back in 1869. This sport has grown in the hearts of Americans and it became a staple of the nation.

The National Football Leagues is valued at over USD 3 billion as of 2020 and has grown exponentially. Millions of fans can't wait to see their favorite teams play and compete to be the best.

Why Is NFL so Popular in America?

American football is the staple American sport, with almost 30% of the nation enjoying watching it. It is the most televised sport in America with the Super Bowl as the most anticipated yearly event.

The Super Bowl is the final game of each season and many NFL fans consider it the biggest event every year

It should come as no surprise that the event brings in thousands of new fans since it's always a spectacle to watch. While the game itself is the main even, there is a whole tradition surrounding it that adds to the excitement.

With no small part, the sports betting industry has contributed to the worth of the NFL by giving players a platform to bet on. Many NFL fans consider betting a crucial part of the fandom and participate in betting daily.

It is during this period that even the people that don’t ordinarily bet on sports will place a wager on their favorite team. In fact, the total amount of bets placed on Super Bowl has been breaking records year after year.

Online sportsbooks are the new trend and are overshadowing in-person betting in popularity. They do this by giving players the option to play from home and on the go from their smart devices.

Finding top NFL sportsbooks

The recent wave of regulation has certainly further popularized sports betting in the United States, allowing players in many different states to place bets with ease. This is likely to continue moving forward, as more states regulate the industry.

Additionally, all transactions are encrypted and instant giving players the freedom to bet with no worries no matter where they are. Bookmakers are licensed by state agencies, giving bettors all the reassurances they need.

How to Find the Best NFL Sportsbook

The internet is no stranger to online sportsbooks, as thousands have appeared in recent years. This is hardly a surprise given just how profitable this sector is. But, with that come certain risks, and for users and governments, security comes as a priority.

Many governments monitor sportsbooks to ensure their safety. If any are malicious the government steps in to take them down and recover players funds and sensitive information.

Many newcomers to the betting scene research online for the best tips and sportsbooks on websites like BetPhilly.

Some of the things to look out for are the odds on offer and available betting markets. More experienced bettors will require more variety to get the best value for their money.

leading nfl betting sites

Players should also keep an eye out for redeemable rewards in the form of sportsbook bonuses and free bets, especially when first signing up.

These bonuses most commonly offer players free funds and tickets. Bonuses are one-time use and readily available to new users. They come with short but digestible terms and conditions the player should read before claiming the bonus.

Free bets work in a similar way, giving players a chance to create betting slips and keep any resulting winnings. These offers are actually quite generous in the US, so all newcomers should take advantage of them.

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