Lucid GTO Trainer by Upswing Poker (Is It A Must Have???)

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Last Updated: March 30, 2024

lucid gto trainer

Upswing Poker has come up with the ultimate tool for everyone looking to sharpen their cash game skills and master the game – Lucid GTO Trainer!

This next-generation poker tool represents a one-stop solution for all types of poker players, regardless of the stakes they play. It offers a great degree of flexibility, allowing you to set up particular scenarios you are interested in learning and then drill them for as long as you need.

The tool is driven by a simple but powerful motto – improve your poker skills through the power of repetition, and if this sounds like a good idea, you can check it out for yourself.

In this Lucid GTO Trainer review, you’ll learn what exactly this tool is capable of, all the different ways you can use it to improve your game, and why this is one GTO trainer that you’ll want in your learning arsenal.

upswing lucid trainer

Mastering Poker Through the Power of Drills

Drills represent the foundation of Lucid GTO by Upswing Poker. In case you’re not familiar with the term, a drill represents a particular scenario or a situation.

So, you may want to improve on your c-betting or 3-betting skills overall, or you may be interested in a very specific spot, like pocket Tens on a button facing a raise from UTG.

Lucid GTO gives you full flexibility to set things up the way you want, allowing you to configure parameters such as:

  • Stack size
  • Street – preflop or postflop
  • Action – choose from standard spots (single raise, 3-bet, 4-bet) or set up a custom scenario
  • Your position
  • Villain position (a position that Lucid will play in a drill)
  • Flop filters – you can choose specific cards to appear on the flop

After you set up these parameters, you are ready to start the drill. You’ll be playing against Lucid and will need to make decisions. Every decision you make is graded in terms of poker EV.

build custom drill lucid

After you make your choice, you’ll receive feedback from the trainer, telling you what the best play is, what is the EV of that play, and what was the EV of your chosen option.

You can play your chosen spot for as long as you want, as Lucid GTO will continue to come up with new scenarios. So, you can improve your skills through repetition, receiving instant feedback on your decisions, recognizing your mistakes, and getting rid of them along the way.

Challenge Yourself With Leaderboard Drills

In addition to custom drills, which you can set up in any way you like, Lucid GTO Trainer also features Leaderboard Drills.

These are random situations that you’ll have to try and solve the best you can, and your solutions will bring you leaderboard points. The leaderboard pitches all Lucid users against each other, adding the competitive element to the learning process.

The setup is identical to the one used in custom drills, so you’ll have no problems figuring out how things work. The main difference is that you don’t get to choose the parameters and have to instead do your best in a scenario presented to you within the allotted time.

Of course, participation in the Leaderboard is completely optional, but if you have a competitive streak, this is a great way to motivate yourself to put in some extra work. Plus, you might come across some interesting spots that you’ll want to take note of and drill on your own later.

Those who purchase Lucid GTO will also get access to private Discord where, in addition to talking strategy with coaches and likeminded people, you’ll probably have a chance to boast your leaderboard achievements, which is just a cherry on top.

Lucid GTO Sim Explorer

On top of allowing you to practice particular spots, Lucid GTO also makes it very easy to view the entire range of GTO solutions for any situations using the Sim Explorer.

So, for any spot that you can build in the drill section, you can also use the Sim Explorer to see the entire range of hands played in that spot and GTO solutions for all of those hands.

lucid gto sim trainer

The Sim Explorer lets you study any preflop situation and any heads-up postflop scenario. Solutions presented inside have been developed by some of the best poker players and coaches in the industry, so you can put your full trust in them.

Another convenient option is that you can also work backward, i.e., you can take any spot from the Explorer and turn it into a drill with a single button click.

Do You Need the Lucid GTO Trainer by Upswing Poker?

If you’ve been keeping up with developments in poker, you’re probably aware that GTO solvers have become the number one training resource for serious players.

If you want to learn proper poker and beat games at higher stakes in this day and age, you simply have to learn GTO – there are no two ways about it.

While there are some other poker tools out there similar to Lucid, this one comes at a very reasonable price, a variety of customization options, a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface, and even a leaderboard to keep things entertaining.

playing drills in lucid gto by upswing

There is no doubt that this a tool created for those serious about advancing their poker careers, but the drill approach is suitable even for more dedicated recreational players. Playing through the drills is similar to playing online poker, making the learning process more engaging and less tedious.

Looking at everything this tool has to offer, and compared to the price, this might be one of the best investments in your poker future, so get started today!

Plus, it comes with the standard Upswing Poker 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re really not happy with it, you can reach out to support and get your money back.

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