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online casinos without 5 second rule

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Last Updated: December 13, 2022

Flowing from the legal changes made to the gambling industry in Germany, the 5 seconds rule has been introduced. This is an attempt by the government to have more control over the German casino business.

It is a regulation, among other changes, to check those addicted to betting with online casinos. Thus, every online casino is expected to adopt this regulation.

However, there are some online casinos without this rule for some reason. Due to their licensing and jurisdiction, they are exempt in some way. But, Germans are eligible to gamble on some of these online gambling platforms.

This write-up examines some of them. It is an important aspect of your gambling experience; therefore, you should pay attention to it.

What Is the 5-second Rule?

german casinos without 5 second rule

This rule maintains that there must be a break of 5 seconds between two spins in a slot. This implies that the autoplay function players use in turbo spins will no longer be accessible.

It applies to casino operators that have their licenses from the German government. But recently, online casinos without 5 seconds are gaining popularity.

The Effects of the 5 Seconds Mandatory Break

Playing in an online casino with this break tends to get boring because the pauses can take time and remain tedious. Also, the more an individual stays on a spin, the more other players believe it is paralyzing and delaying the game.

This also means the automatic play feature used for online slot games and Turbo Spins will no longer be available.

By implication, the mandatory break limits the number of times you can play the game. It's necessary to protect gamers from excessive wagering in online gambling.

If you enjoy the thrill of playing with a lot of money, the rules will limit this. This is because you cannot spend beyond a certain amount on some games at once.

However, it is very easy to bypass this law and organize good games with a lot of fun for oneself by using other platforms.

Expert reviews show that you can make do with an available online casino without 5 seconds rule, which assures continuous fun. There are no mandatory breaks in between.

How to Find Legal Casinos Without Restrictions

finding casinos without 5 seconds rule

It is possible to find German online casino business owners with gambling license who do not have the 5 seconds regulation. However, it is essential to get a good casino because there are not many providers with this feature, as stated.

Hence, when selecting a casino without the compulsory break, ensure it is a safe, reliable, and legal platform. This is also because casinos that do not have a permit from the German government must have obtained one from the EU or Curacao.

For example, playing with an online casino that obtained a license from those locations is still a legal endeavor. This is regardless of the fact that they do not have compulsory breaks.

Other recommendations are also for safe sites that are legally allowed to operate. Live online casino tables, blackjack, and roulette are other game options you can find apart from slots.

For Which Casino Games Does the 5-Second Pause Apply?

The 5 seconds break applies to online casinos that are licensed by the government of Germany. There are also other online gaming platforms without the mandatory break. This is because the compulsory pause might be very inconvenient for you.

Online slot machines will be delayed, and there will no longer be Turbo spins. A spin is now delayed to last for a minimum of 5 seconds.

There are other regulations affecting German-licensed online casinos. Hence, while you may gamble with the 5 seconds delay with a maximum amount, some other games are unavailable. They include:

  • Jackpot;
  • Jackpot slots;
  • Autoplay feature.

How Does the 5 Second Rule Affect Players and Providers?

effects of the 5 second restriction

One would realize immediately that the regulation does not greatly affect players, who usually do not spend so much on gambling. However, gamers who are high rollers will be influenced because they can no longer play at a stretch.

Slot machines will operate at a slower pace. Therefore, there is a limit to how often one can play.

While this might sound like an adverse effect for high rollers, it provides some advantages too. On the flip side, it helps players to plan their budget and play based on this budget.

They cannot overspend even if they want to because a regulation gives the maximum amount you can spend in a month. Regardless, spending less money means operators will have to battle with lower patronage. This will have a major effect on casino business owners as it will reduce revenue.

What Has Changed in the German Casino Industry with the 5 Second Rule?

While so many things have changed in the industry, the compulsory break is significant. This is because it will affect the gamers’ experience and reduce the fun they would normally have on the online platform.

Having to wait for a period would be boring to people and discontinue the tension they might already have.

The changes were introduced as part of the requirements for granting licenses to casino owners in Germany. It is also an attempt to curb excessive gaming by reducing the amount people can spend per month.

Bottom Line

The 5-second rule is a legal change. It was introduced to check extreme wagering among gamblers and to consolidate government control. It removes features like automatic play and limits monthly spending.

While the limitations it places on German gambling might seem discouraging, the bright side is that it allows you to spend on a budget. It also helps you to reduce your obsession.

If you usually spend less on gaming, it helps you to maintain this. Regardless, the downside is that operators would feel the negative impact of spending less.

If you still wish to experience the thrill of continuous wagering, you can play on other platforms outside Germany. Other licensed online casinos in other jurisdictions do not have the 5-second compulsory pause. Some of them are open to German players.

Hence, you can take advantage of that and keep gaming non-stop. Ensure you've checked all online casinos without a 5-second pause on the terms and conditions guiding each casino. Also, ensure you play on only safe and reliable platforms.

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