Rough Night for Garrett Adelstein on the New Episode of High Stakes Poker

HSP rough night for garret adlstein

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Last Updated: April 21, 2022

The latest episode of High Stakes Poker was the last one to feature the group of players that we got to see for the past few weeks, namely Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, JRB, Jen Tilly, Garrett Adelstein, Bryn Kenney, and Krish Menon.

The next week, there will be a new lineup, although a few of the players will likely stick around.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and rather than focusing on what’s to come, talk about what took place on the last episode of High Stakes Poker.

Garrett Adelstein was certainly at the center of the attention, but this time around, things didn’t quite go his way. Adelstein found himself in quite a few big spots, and poker gods didn’t show much mercy.

Negreanu Empties the Clip

The first indication that it would be a tough session for Garret came early on when he got involved in a big 4-bet pot against Daniel Negreanu.

It was Tilly who opened the action with J7, making it $3,000 to go. Garrett, who was seated to her immediate left, opted to go for a 3-bet with 109, raising to $11,000.

But then Negreanu woke up with AQ on the button and decided to put both opponents to the test, 4-betting to $27,000.

Tilly was quick to muck her hand, but Garrett Adelstein opted for a call out of position, and the two proceeded to see the flop of K94.

This gave Garrett a lead in the hand, but Daniel was representing a very strong hand before the flop. He continued the same story after the flop, as once Adelstein checked to him, he fired a continuation bet of $20,000.

With the middle pair, Garrett made the call, and the pot grew to just a smidge under $100K.

The turn brought a fairly irrelevant 7, and the Canadian continued to tell his story, betting for $50,000. Adelstein made the call once again.

With $200,000 in the middle, he checked for one final time on the river of 3, and Kid Poker decided to empty the clip, betting for $175,000.

It was a very difficult spot, and Garrett eventually decided to lay his hand down, allowing Negreanu to pull a nice bluff and profit around $100,000 in the process.

Jen Tilly Gets Her Piece of Adelstein's Chips

Things simply didn’t go right for Garrett in any major spots. Not long after losing the big pot to Negreanu and another fairly sizeable one to Dwan, he found himself in a great spot against Tilly.

Adelstein flopped top two pair on the flop reading 876 and facing a bet from Jen Tilly, who was holding Q5 for an open-ended straight and a flush draw. After Jen made it $10,000, Garrett raised to $30,000, getting rid of everyone else in the hand.

Tilly plays big pot vs adelstein

Player images courtesy of PokerGO

Jen made the call, though, and the two saw the J turn. This time around, Tilly checked, and Adelstein bet out for $55,000. It didn’t take Tilly too long to call and try to improve.

The river came 3, locking the pot up for Jennifer. But, instead of betting, she decided to check once again, setting the trap.

Adelstein decided to go for the value with his two pair and bet out for $100,000. He soon got the bad news as Jen announced her all in, containing an additional $136,000.

After a little while, Garrett came to the right conclusion and mucked his hand, but Jen’s check on the river helped her make the maximum in this hand.

Ivey Takes It Easy With Aces

There is no doubt that Phil Ivey has changed his approach to the game. Over the course of the last few episodes, we haven’t seen too much from Ivey, as he seems to prefer a more solid and conservative style of poker these days.

A hand he played with Bryn Kenney will certainly reinforce this notion.

Ivey 3-bet Adelstein’s open with pocket aces and found one caller in Bryn Kenney on the button. Bryn held 109 and decided that $11,000 was a fair price to pay and see the flop.

When the flop came J103, Ivey didn’t fire a continuation bet but rather checked, and Kenney was happy to take the free card and see the turn.

Ivey pocket aces hsp

The fourth card came 7, giving Bryn a gutshot to go with his middle pair, so when Ivey checked again, he bet out for $15,000, and Phil quickly called.

The river came 7, pairing the board. Ivey checked for one last time, and Kenney checked back, happy to take the showdown. Phil tabled his aces and raked in a $33,000 pot, but it could have been a much bigger one.

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