HSP Season 10 Episode 6 Recap: It’s All About Jen Tilly

hsp season 10 all about tilly

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Last Updated: March 6, 2023

The latest episode of High Stakes Poker didn’t bring many huge pots, but it certainly had everything else – some good table banter, funky multiway pots, and Jen Tilly ready to splash around.

In fact, Jen was a participant in almost every single significant pot we saw in the last episode. Things didn’t quite go her way, but she took the bad with the good, as Tilly has been known to do at the tables.

Of course, “The Magician” and Perkins were the other two prominent figures looking to instigate some action. The other three, Sanches, Sippl, and Baldwin, took a more cautious approach, waiting for good spots.

Tilly Turns Her Hand into a Bluff

It would take a while to describe all the poker hands Tilly was involved in on the last episode, but a couple of them stood out.

The first one came fairly early in the session when she opened the action to $2,000 with A5 and picked up three callers.

Everyone connected at least somewhat with the flop of AQ2, and everyone called her $4,000 continuation bet.

The turn fell the 10, and everyone checked to Sippl on the button. Holding A8, he decided to test the waters and bet out $10,000. This got rid of Antonio’s flush draw and Sanchez’s second pair, but Jen made the call.

tilly bluffs sippl

The river was the card that changed the texture quite a bit as it came J, putting a four-liner on the board. Instead of checking to try and see the showdown, Jennifer Tilly now took over the initiative and turned her top pair into a bluff, betting $15,000.

This really confused Sippl as it looked like a proper value bet begging for a call. He taught about it for a few moments but eventually relinquished his hand, sending a decent-sized pot Jen’s way.

The Magician Is Back to His Old Tricks

Jen may have pulled a good bluff against Sippl, but only a few hands later, she found herself in another big pot, this time against Antonio Esfandiari.

After a raise and a call in front, The Magician 3-bet from the button with KQ, making it $4,000. Jen found pocket nines on the big blind and went for a 4-bet of $15,000.

This got rid of everybody but Esfandiari, who decided to take the flop in position.

The board came Q55, and Tilly wisely checked. Esfandiari checked behind, and they saw the turn of 10.

When Tilly checked again, Antonio figured it was time to go for some value and bet out for $18,000. Jen quickly called, and they proceeded to the river, which came the fairly insignificant 6.

esfandiari confuses tilly

Tilly checked, and Antonio fired for $28,500. The check back on the flop seemed to have worked perfectly for The Magician, as it confused Jen, and she convinced herself she might be good here.

After some thought and a brief monologue, she matched Esfandiari’s bet, only to be shown the bad news and see the $126k pot pushed in the wrong direction.

One Crazy 7-2 Hand

If you’ve been watching this season of High Stakes Poker, you know that the 7-2 game has been on the whole time. It’s created some interesting spots, as it’s been known to do, but the last episode saw the funniest one so far.

Antonio posted a sleeper straddle of $2,000 in the hijack, and a few people limped in. Since The Magician was occupied trying to order a bottle of tequila and wasn’t paying close attention to the action, the dealer missed the fact that he hadn’t actually acted and proceeded to deal the flop.

Esfandiari turned back only to see the flop of 763 and immediately stated that he didn’t get the option (without looking at his cards at this point).

The ruling was made that the action would be on Antonio and that the flop was to be put back and the deck reshuffled. The Magician then finally squeezed his cards, only to reveal 72.

I don’t want to spoil the fun if you did not see the hand, so check out the video below if you want to see how it all went down and what happened next.

All in all, it was another fun episode of High Stakes Poker, with players trying to have as much fun as possible. This specific lineup makes for a great watch, so make sure to check out the full episode and tune in for the next one coming up on Wednesday, March 8.

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