HSP Season 10 Episode 8 Recap: We Have a Collision!

hsp we have collision

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Last Updated: March 18, 2023

The action has been heating up on High Stakes Poker for the past few weeks, and it was only a matter of time before we saw a huge pot.

It finally happened on the last episode, and it was no surprise that it involved two of the most active players, Antonio Esfandiari and Bill Perkins.

While the $600k pot overshadowed the rest of the action for the night, there were a few more interesting moments worth mentioning, and, like every week, we’ll quickly run you through some of them, starting with the big one!

Perky and The Magician Ready to Gamble

Those of you who have been keeping up with High Stakes Poker probably know that the atmosphere at the table has been quite loose, courtesy of tequila shots flying all over the place.

This might have played a role in the massive pot as Perkins and Esfandiari were not interested in any sort of pot control once they saw the flop they liked.

The action started with Antonio convincing Sippl to straddle just so he could re-straddle for $2,000, setting up the groundwork for what was about to happen.

Tilly tried to see a cheap flop, limping in with QJ, but Perkins had other ideas in the big blind, bumping things up to $10,000 with 108.

This didn’t deter anyone, though, as Sippl made the call from the first straddle, followed by Antonio, who picked up A4, and then Jen Tilly closed the action with a call, bringing the pot to just over $40,000 before any community cards hit the felt.

When the dealer spread the flop of J72, the writing was already on the wall, as Esfandiari picked up the nut flush draw while Perky held a combo straight and flush draw. Given everything we’ve seen, it was virtually impossible for all the money not to end up in the middle.

Antonio led out for $16,000, which was promptly called by Tilly with a top pair. Perkins wouldn’t stand for it, though, and he increased the price of poker to $50,000 even. It didn’t take Esfandiari long to get in another raise, bumping it up to $150,000, which was enough to get rid of Jen.

Perky wasted no time moving all in, and Antonio promptly called, and all of a sudden, the two were playing for a pot of over $600,000. They agreed to run it twice, and if you haven’t seen the hand somehow, we won’t spoil the results. Check out the video above for the conclusion.

Sippl Gets One Through

sippl bluffs perkins

The massive all-in pot happened towards the end of the episode, but leading up to it, we saw a few more interesting hands. In one such instance, we saw Sippl pull off an uncharacteristic bluff against none other than Bill Perkins.

Sippl 3-bet from the small blind, making it $6,000 to go with AQ, and picked up two callers in Sanchez and Perkins.

The flop wasn’t quite favorable for Sippl as it came 988. He decided to slow down and check, and Sanchez with KQ followed suit. Perkins, with 65, decided to take a stab for $5,000, but this wasn’t enough to get rid of Sippl.

The two saw the turn of 6, actually giving Perkins the best hand, and after another check, he went for a $10,000 bet. Once again, Sippl called.

The river changed nothing as it came 10, but it was a scare card. Sippl correctly recognized this and took over the initiative, moving all in for $45,000. With his tight image and Perky holding barely a bluff catcher, he quickly mucked, only to be shown a rare bluff.

Perkins Orders a New Hand

bill perkins gets a new hand

The final hand of the night saw a rather strange situation. Perkins was eager to get involved in one last big pot, and he even agreed with Antonio that if they ended up in a heads-up pot, they would play matched stacks (even though Perkins didn’t have that much money in front of him).

The hand was straddled to $3,200, with Antonio putting in the last straddle. The action then folded to Bill, who looked down at 102 and was visibly upset that this was the last hand he’d get to play.

So, he asked Sippl and Esfandiari if they’d let him buy a new hand for $5,000, and they both agreed. This isn’t something you see every day, but it’s High Stakes Poker, and if players don’t mind, who are we to complain?

The new deal wasn’t much kinder to Perky, as he received 52, but decided to play it nonetheless, raising to $15,000.

Sippl quickly got out of the way, and then Antonio looked down at 43. It wasn’t the kind of hand he wanted to play in a bloated pot, so he just released the cards and let Perky have the last pot of the evening.

Bill wasn’t thrilled about it, but at least he got his $5,000 back, plus some profit.

That hand also concluded things for the current lineup. For the next episode, we’ll see a brand new bunch of eager poker players with big stacks and a lot of gamble in them. Who will they be, and will any of the current lineup stay for the show?

Let’s just wait and see!

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