Louise Ulrick Wins Electrifying PokerStars Bootcamp and Books Ticket to EPT Prague

louise ulrick wins pokerstars bootcamp

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Last Updated: October 20, 2023

The 2023 PokerStars Bootcamp has come to a thrilling end, deservedly sending its champion to this year’s EPT Prague to play the €5,300 Main Event.

The lucky winner, Louise Ulrick, reserved her spot at one of the biggest poker events on the Old Continent. The full PokerStars Bootcamp package includes travel expenses, accommodation, and the buy-in for the event itself.

This concludes the successful 2023 PokerStars Bootcamp, where ten amateur female poker players competed in a winner-takes-all event.

This wasn’t the first event of this type brought to players through the PokerStars and Poker Power partnership. Last year, Roxanne Johnson won the Bootcamp Showdown to claim a Platinum Pass for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Here’s more information on the recently concluded Women’s Bootcamp Showdown.

The Top Ten Bootcamp Showdown in Cyprus

These ten players first started their journey online, along with many others from all over the globe. The participants made their way through the qualifiers and booked their passage to Cyprus, where this Bootcamp Showdown took place.

The event culminated on October 18, when the ten players faced each other in the nail-biting tournament, with each level lasting 20 minutes.

The majority of the finalists started the ultimate showdown nervously and carefully. This was made obvious by the first break, as all ten players made it to this part.

Understandably, none of the players wanted to start out aggressively. The winner-takes-all format meant that one mistake could cut their adventure short.

However, after the game picked up some momentum, we quickly saw several eliminations. Ines Lafosse became the first player to go out. After the first elimination, the remaining players followed suit at a much faster pace.

As only two players remained in the Bootcamp Showdown, the long-awaited heads-up between Katie Hopkins and Louise Ulrick delivered great entertainment.

Ulrick Beats Hopkins in the Final Skirmish to Win It All

Hopkins was the chip leader for the better part of the tournament, entering the heads-up as the favorite.

But, in a series of gutsy plays and several huge pots, Ulrick managed to even the chip stacks and make the final more unpredictable.

As their heads-up game unraveled, Ulrick kept Hopkins on the back foot repeatedly, with Hopkins often finding herself having to fold and back down.

This showdown went to the wire as Ulrick got a crucial card on the river, beating Hopkins with a pair of kings.

Apart from the exciting showdown these players provided us with, this Bootcamp was also marked by inspiring camaraderie between the ten contestants. All of the players supported each other and stayed until the final hand to celebrate Louise and her win.

PokerStars Bootcamp – Paving the Way for Women in Poker

The 2023 PokerStars Bootcamp was created for beginner female poker enthusiasts who wanted to learn more about the game and test their poker skills in a highly competitive environment.

Women only make up around 5% of the professional poker scene. This event was a great opportunity for participants to compete in this male-dominated setting and perhaps set their professional poker careers in motion.

It also served as a superb showcase of how far these women in poker can go in a short period if given the right opportunity. Louise Ulrick, the winner of the 2023 Bootcamp, is the perfect example of this.

Louise started playing poker only a few months before the Bootcamp. Setting off on this journey to learn more about poker, she won the full EPT Prague Package and potentially opened the door to a professional career.

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