Can You Play Online Poker in Utah?

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Last Updated: January 27, 2024

Utah online poker

No, you cannot play poker online for real money in Utah. The state has no legalized state-regulated online poker sites, and live games are prohibited as well. In fact, the law in Utah does not support any form of regulated gambling. This is because gambling is frowned upon by the state’s largely Mormon population. 

Why Not? What Are the Online Poker Laws in Utah?

Utah has very strict laws that prohibit online poker and several other forms of gambling. Section 76-10-1102 of the state’s law considers participating in gambling or organizing it a form of misdemeanor punishable by law. This law seems to suggest serious punishment against players and online poker operators in Utah. 

Although Utah is indeed one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling, there’s still a way out for poker enthusiasts living in the state who want to play poker online for real money in Utah: offshore gambling sites. 

Offshore sites are run by companies domiciled outside the United States. This means they’re not subject to Utah online poker laws and other legal restrictions faced by online casino operators in the state. Numerous offshore casinos allow registration from players in Utah, welcoming them to play online poker and other casino games for real money. 

However, players need to be careful when using these sites. MyPokerCoaching does not recommend playing online poker on these sites for a number of reasons. 

The biggest problem with offshore sites is that they’re not regulated by authorities in the United States. This can be a big problem because many of these sites are not held to a high standard of fair play and excellent gaming experience by authorities in the locations where they’re licensed. 

With offshore sites, there are also no guarantees of getting your money and no legal protection for players to help recover their deposits if these sites fail to process payouts or get shut down unexpectedly. 

Potential Utah Poker Sites to Launch in the Future

UT online poker sites

Poker has been popular in Utah for many years, but the state is still to regulate online poker sites. There have been several attempts at it over the years, but so far, none have come to fruition.

It is a pretty safe bet that online poker in UT will be regulated at some point in the future, so the only real question is when. While it’s hard to give any definitive answer at this point in time, we continue to monitor the situation and will keep you updated with any important developments.

When online poker is finally legal in UT, there are a few sites that we can expect to go live. These are all operators with a major presence in the regulated US market, and they’ll likely jump at the opportunity to expand their presence.

BetMGM Poker Utah

BetMGM has established itself as a household name in the regulated US online poker space, and the operator will likely be among the first to stake a claim in such an attractive new market.

We expect BetMGM Poker will bring out a platform similar to that in other states like PA, MI, and NJ. A poker client powered by the PartyPoker technology offers a modern and very reliable solution for all online poker fans, even if it is not as rich in functionalities as some other platforms.

In terms of game variety, players can look forward to a nice mix of online tournaments, a wide range of cash game stakes, and, in all likelihood, BetMGM Poker’s staple SPINS – a hugely popular sit & go variation featuring a random jackpot.

It is also likely that BetMGM Poker UT will come out of the gate swinging, offering a generous welcome bonus. With what’s likely to be heavy competition in the state, all sites will look for ways to stand out, and this is generally a good thing for the players.

PokerStars Utah

Although the company couldn’t enter the US before 2016, PokerStars has established itself as a staple name of online poker in the country, just like they have done in the global market.

Once the regulation is finally passed, the launch of PokerStars is pretty much a guarantee. This is especially true if the state passes a law with the expectation of joining the MSIGA, as the operator seems eager to take advantage of opportunities provided by interstate poker.

But even without that particular element, UT is a big enough market on its own.

What PokerStars brings to the table is the operator’s experience in organizing major online series, first and foremost. US versions of ‘COOP events have been hugely successful in all states where the site currently has a presence, and there is no reason to think Utah would be an exception.

PokerStars also offers one of the best software solutions for desktop computers and mobile devices alike. This enhances the player experience and certainly helps push the site towards the top of the list when deciding where to play.


The third UT poker site likely to go live as soon as legal requirements are met is Right now, WSOP is the only operator present in all regulated US markets with active poker sites, and the company is on the constant lookout for expansion opportunities. has one trump card that no other operators can match, which is its ability to host bracelet-awarding events and exclusive satellites to live World Series of Poker tournaments. This has helped the operator remain competitive across the country.

A launch in a new state would likely mean an exclusive bracelet series, giving players in the state great opportunities to win some WSOP silverware from the comfort of their home, and if past experience is any indicator, this is an opportunity that players jump on.

WSOP should have no problem claiming its fair share of the new market despite competitors, with the operators’ numbers surging during major live and online events.

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