Top 7 Tips on How to Pick the Best Poker Coach

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Last Updated: September 3, 2021

Top 7 Tips on How to Pick the Best Poker Coach

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Poker is a game of small margins where you can win or lose quickly. It is a game that constantly changes and evolves. This increases your chances of being left behind if you do not keep up with the trends.

It's a game of constant learning. To ensure you do not miss out, you should get a coach, especially if you aspire to be a professional player.

This way, you complement your poker skills and strategy with an outside force, which increases your chances of winning once you start to play seriously.

When picking a coach, there are numerous dynamics to consider, including your level of expertise.

It would be pointless to pick a coach who doesn't add value to your strategy. To ensure you make the right pick, here are some useful tips.

Do Proper Research

Before starting with the research, analyze your goals first. Establish whether you need a coach at your current level. When you start the search, determine the coach's level of expertise in the specific game you want to play.

Gauge whether it may be easier to learn from a fellow player as well. Additionally, find out the coach's teaching method and whether it suits your needs.


Find out their Readiness to Teach

Just because someone takes on the title of a coach, it does not mean that they are ready to teach at every level. Poker coaches are just like tutors, who may be selective about the grade they teach.

Therefore, depending on your level of experience, find a coach who is ready to teach at your level.

If you are a beginner, the best coach may not be the most seasoned player. You could go for one who is in the middle class then upgrade in the future if need be.

Ensure your coach understands the concepts you do not understand. Do not compromise by picking someone far beyond your level. You are the priority here.

The Right Channels

The best option when hiring a coach is to have proof of their performance. Apart from depending on recommendations from friends, you could join platforms like NetBet casino or any other gaming sites available on the internet.

Here, you can see a good player rising naturally, which filters the other bad teachers. Also, check on the feedback left by students to ascertain their abilities.

Pick several coaches from the platform and then Google them. Find out whether they have a live website where they provide professional services.

If they do, you have the assurance of a quality coach who will guide you to your desired results.


If you are paying for the coaching services, the least a coach could offer is proper communication.

Before you settle on any one option, test out their ability to communicate during the research stage. Reach out to them with questions about their services, the level of experience, and their fess.

Check out how fast and how well they answer your questions.

You could also gauge their teaching style by sneaking in some poker questions.  If they are slow or rude in their responses, that is usually a bad sign.

communication with poker coach

A poker coach needs to be readily available to offer you support and willing to teach.

Commitment to Your Success

A good coach should relate with you on a personal level. They should invest in your success on an individual level. This ensures you feel free to ask even the most basic questions.

Over the time you spend playing the game, you replay their instructions in your mind as advice from a friend. When you fail in a game, they should also share in your disappointment.

The fact that they care whether you win or lose will motivate you to do better.

A coach who does not share in on your emotions will struggle to give you the much-needed motivation, even if they are very good in technical terms.

Ability to Prove Concepts

Having mathematical backing to poker concepts is a huge plus. It proves that the coach's techniques do not rely on intuition, which poses a significant threat if the conditions change.

It may help to be strong-willed and hard-headed, where you only accept tactics after you have tested them.

Since this takes quite some time, you could use poker tools like an equity calculator. This way, you can check out tactics faster, which speeds up the selection process.

Teaching Methods

A good poker coach should own the game. They should explicitly explain the reason behind every move and provide the necessary mathematical backup.

Their motive should not be to give ready-made strategies.

They should help you develop a thought process, which improves your decision making.

poker coaching style

This way, you can make the right moves even when the conditions are different. A good coach should also have the ability to break down complex poker topics to the most straightforward concepts.

They should help grow your poker IQ.

Additionally, a coach should foster an environment where you can express your doubts and raise questions. They should grow your ability to analyze concepts and find loopholes and not just blindly accept what they are teaching.

When you submit your concerns, they should show a lot of commitment to addressing them.

Flexibility in Teaching Methods

In poker, there are three main coaching methods; database reviews, video reviews, and live sweats.

As the name suggests, live sweat involves a real-time game, conducted via platforms like Zoom or audio call.

The database review method requires analysis of statistics. A coach and the student look at different poker hands played in different positions and situations and discuss problem areas.

In the video review method, a student records a session of them playing then sends it to the coach. The coach then provides feedback and advice.

A good coach should be able to mix up these methods. For example, they can include a database review in a live sweat or video review.

Different players have different needs. A good coach to one player may not be the best option for you.

Therefore, apart from reviews from other players, ensure you utilize the above tips as well. Do not be afraid to come off as demanding.

This is a service you pay for; thus, getting your money's worth is essential. People behind the best poker training sites understand this, so this might be a good place to start your search.

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