What Is Aces Full of Kings In Poker?

What Is Aces Full of Kings In Poker

Aces full of Kings is a term used to describe a full house poker hand combination that consists of three aces and two kings.

The full house is the 4th of the strongest hand combinations in poker. It beats hands like flushes and straights but loses to four of a kind, and since Aces full of Kings is the strongest full-house combination, it makes this hand one of the best possible holdings.

With this said, the odds of hitting the Aces full of Kings hand combination on the flop are around 0.2%, which means that aside from being strong, this hand is also very hard to put together.

Aces Full of Kings Examples:

There are six different Aces full of Kings combinations in poker:

  • As Ac Ah Ks Kd
  • As Ac Ad Ks Kh
  • As Ah Ac Kh Kd
  • As Ah Ad Kx Kd
  • As Ad Ah Kh Kc
  • Ac Ah Ad Ks Kd

Let's say you are dealt AK in the Texas Holdem game and are lucky to hit the flop of A A K. In this case, you just made a full house known as Aces Full of Kings, which is the nuts at this point.



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