What Come Over The Top Means In Poker?

What Come Over The Top Means In Poker

In poker, the expression “come over the top” refers to making a large re-raise over a bet previously made in the betting round.

In other words, it is a slang term for a raise. This move can put pressure on the opponent and force them to make difficult decisions or try to steal the pot with a show of strength.

It is important that you know what this expression means because it will allow you to understand the possible strategy and the intentions of players involved in the game.

Additionally, using poker slang can help you communicate more effectively with other players and demonstrate your knowledge of the game.

Poker Come Over The Top Example:

Let's say that you are playing Texas No Limit Hold’em, you make a 2-bet, your opponent re-raises, and you make a big re-raise again.

In this situation, the action could be described as you making a raise, your opponent 3-betting you, and you coming over the top with a 4-bet.



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