What Are Ducks In Poker?

What Are Ducks In Poker

Ducks is a poker slang term that refers to a starting hand that consists of two twos or two deuces.

In other words, when a player holds pocket deuces as his hole cards, this hand can be called ducks. The term “ducks” is used for two deuces because, visually, the number “2” on a deuce reminds of a duck.

Because pocket deuces are the weakest pocket pair combination in Texas Hold’em, most of this hand's value lies in hitting a set.

However, most people don’t realize that deuces are a favorite in preflop situations against all unpaired hands, and they work best when you are the person going all in because the fold equity you have gives additional value to this hand.

Poker Ducks Example:

There are six possible combinations of “Ducks” in Poker:

  • 2s 2d
  • 2s 2c
  • 2s 2h
  • 2d 2c
  • 2d 2h



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