What Is A Face Card In Poker?

What Is A Face Card In Poker

In poker, the term “face card” refers to kings, queens, and jacks since these cards have a picture of a royal court member.

When it comes to evaluating different situations in poker, face cards can be important for a few reasons:

  • Face cards are typically considered to be strong cards because they have a higher value than most other cards in the deck (except aces)
  • Face cards can be used as a group term when you are describing a range that has a lot of high cards in it

In general, when talking about face cards, we talk about a strong range with many Broadway combinations, which can also be referred to as the paint. In the games where it is used, Joker can also be considered a face card.

Poker Face Cards Example:

There are 12 different face cards in the deck:

  • Js Jd Jh Jc
  • Qs Qd Qh Qc
  • Ks Kd Kh Kc



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