What Is Hi-Lo In Poker?

What Is Hi-Lo In Poker

The term “Hi-Lo” refers to a poker variant in which the best high hand and the best low hand split the pot, provided that the low hand meets certain criteria.

Or in other words, the goal of the game in the Hi-lo poker variants is to create the best possible high hand and/or low hand using a combination of five cards.

In this variant, half of the pot goes to the highest poker hand combination, and half of the pot goes to the lowest hand. In this format, having a three-pair hand can actually be helpful.

With this said, to qualify for the low hand, the player’s hand must contain five cards of different ranks, with the highest card being an eight or lower. If no low hand qualifies for these requirements, then the entire pot is won by the player holding the high hand.

The most popular Hi-Lo games are Omahs Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, also known as Omaha 8 and Seven Card Stud 8.

Poker Hi-Lo Example:

Let’s say that you are playing Omaha Hi-Lo. You hold Ac Ks 7d 4c, and the board is Ad 6c 3s Kd Qd.

  • The best possible high hand you can make is two pairs, aces, and kings, with a queen kicker (using the A and the K from your hand and the A, K, and Q from the board.
  • The best possible low hand you can make is 7 6 4 3 A. (using the 7 and the 4 from your hand and the A, 6, and 3 from the board.

The important thing to note here is that you can’t use the ace from your hand for the low hand since you have to use exactly two cards from your hand and two cards from the board.



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