What Is A Three Pair Hand In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 19, 2023

What Is A Three Pair Hand In Poker

In poker, specifically in formats such as Omaha, the term three pair refers to a poker hand consisting of three pairs (6 cards).

At first, this term might look meaningless since poker hand combinations can only have 5 cards. However, taking a closer look from a strategic standpoint, we can see why this hand combination can be important.

Firstly, holding three pairs means you have a higher chance of making a full house and a lower chance that your opponent has a set. This can help you make better decisions, so let’s review an example to see how it looks in practice.

Poker Three Pair Example:

Imagine that you are playing PLO poker game:

  • Your Hand: Ks 9d 8s 7c
  • The Board: Kh 8d 7s

In theory, you hold two pairs, kings and eights. However, in practice, you have three pairs, kings, eights, and sevens. And although you can’t use the third pair to put together a legal hand combination, you can still make this situation work in your favor.

Holding a pair of sevens is significant because it increases your chances of hitting a full house. If you only had kings and eights, you would need a king or an eight on the turn or the river to hit a full house, meaning you would have 4 outs (Kc, Kd, 8c, 8h).

However, because you also have a pair of sevens, you can hit a seven on the turn or the river to put together a full house, meaning that you now have 6 outs (Kc, Kd, 8c, 8h, 7h, 7d).

In addition, holding a pair of sevens reduces the likelihood of your opponent having a set of sevens, which is one of the few hands that can beat you at this point and give you a cooler.

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