What Is A HUSNG In Poker?

What Is a HUSNG In Poker

Heads-Up Sit-and-Go, or HUSNG as it is often referred to, is a poker tournament format in which two players compete against each other.

To participate in these tournaments, players must pay a buy-in for which they receive a predetermined amount of chips, and the player who ends up with all the chips wins the entire prize pool. Usually, a little less than 2x the buy-in since the rake is taken.

Based on the blind structure, there are three main types of Heads-up Sit-and-Go tournaments:

  • Regular HUSNGs
  • Turbo HUSNGs
  • Hyper Turbo HUSNGs

HUSNGs are one of the most exciting formats because players can’t keep folding until they get a decent hand. Instead, they must adapt and play wide ranges to avoid getting blinded down.

Poker HUSNG Example:

In a regular HUSNG tournament, the winner usually takes it all, so there is a lot of leveling against grinders and poker sharks. That said, it could be one of the most exciting formats to play since you only need to beat one player to win his buy-in.

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