What Is A HUSNG In Poker?

What Is a HUSNG In Poker

Heads-Up Sit-and-Go, or HUSNG as it is often referred to, is a poker tournament format in which two players compete against each other.

To participate in these tournaments, players must pay a buy-in for which they receive a predetermined amount of chips, and the player who ends up with all the chips wins the entire prize pool. Usually, a little less than 2x the buy-in since the rake is taken.

Based on the blind structure, there are three main types of Heads-up Sit-and-Go tournaments:

  • Regular HUSNGs
  • Turbo HUSNGs
  • Hyper Turbo HUSNGs

HUSNGs are one of the most exciting formats because players can’t keep folding until they get a decent hand. Instead, they must adapt and play wide ranges to avoid getting blinded down.

Poker HUSNG Example:

poker heads up sit and go



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