What Is A Shark In Poker?

What Is A Shark In Poker

In poker, the term “shark” describes a skilled and experienced poker player who is highly proficient in the game and prey on weaker opponents.

Poker Sharks are considered to be elite poker players who regularly win money in the games they play.

The opposite of a shark in poker is a fish or a whale, who are weaker opponents who are not skilled at the game and regularly lose money when playing.

Because of this, you should look to avoid playing games in which there are a lot of sharks but not a lot of fish. This approach in poker is called “game selection” and represents one of the easiest ways to go from a losing player to a winning player or to increase your win rate.

Poker Shark Example:

The UTG player, who I have marked as a Shark, raised to 2.5bb, so I decided to fold my mediocre holding from the Cutoff.

In this situation, the narrator uses the term Shark because he wants to communicate to us that the UTG player is a highly skilled player from which he expects a high level of play and not a lot of mistakes.



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