What Is Turbo In Poker?

What Is Turbo In Poker

In poker, a “turbo” refers to a tournament structure with shorter levels and faster blind increases than a standard game.

Usually, turbo events have levels of around 5-6 minutes each. The faster structure of the turbo tournaments means that the players see fewer poker hands than in standard MTT, which means that luck plays a bigger role and increases the variance.

Turbo tournaments are exciting for players because everyone has less time to act, which results in faster-paced action, giving a chance to play more tournaments in the same time frame.

In addition, players are forced to play more aggressively and fight for every pot, leading to more interesting and dynamic gameplay.

However, it is important to note that if you are new to poker tournaments and are not prepared to face a lot of variance, you might be better off playing standard tournaments with 10-minute or longer levels.

Poker Turbo Tournament Example:

poker turbo

If you are playing in a turbo event with only 5 minutes per level before the blinds increase, you need to play aggressively and know how to handle short stacks. On top of that, you reach the all-in or fold phase much faster, so it is worth looking into push fold charts and studying how to play there.



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