What Is M-Ratio In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 19, 2023

What Is M-Ratio In Poker

M-ratio is a concept that allows poker players to determine how many rounds of blinds they or their opponents can survive before losing the entire stack.

It is a simple calculation that uses the player’s stack size and the current level of the blinds to visualize how long a player can last in the tournament if he does not voluntarily put any money in the pot.

The formula for calculating M-ratio in poker tournaments is:

M = (Player's stack size) / (Current big blind + small blind + antes)

A high M-ratio indicates that a player has a healthy stack that will allow him to wait for good poker hands. On the other hand, a low M-ratio indicates that the player’s stack is shallow and that he will need to widen his ranges and play more aggressively to survive. The concept is similar to SPR.

Knowing your M-ratio can help you make better decisions in a poker MTT by adjusting your strategy to play more conservatively with your stack when needed and suggesting when to take risks.

Poker M-Ratio Example:

Let’s say that you are playing in a poker tournament. The big blind is $1,000, the small blind is $500, and the ante is $100 with 8 players. You have $10,000 in your stack and want to see if it is time to increase your aggression, so you use the M-ratio concept.

M = 10,000 / (1,000 + 500 + 100 x 8)

M = 10,000 / 2,300

M =  4.35

In this situation, your 4.35 M-ratio is very low, meaning you need to increase your aggression and fight for every pot, and actively look for spots to move all in.

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