What Is A NIT In Poker?

What Is A NIT In Poker

In poker, the term “nit” refers to a player who does not play a lot of hands, and when he does, he tends to play them on the conservative side.

Or in other words, a player who plays only the best poker hands and does not take many risks.

At first glance, nits might seem intimidating because they are grinders who always seem to have a good hand. However, the reality is that nits have a very predictable playing style, and you can easily exploit their weaknesses with the right poker strategy.

The simplest way to exploit nits in poker is to raise a lot into their blinds, play as many small pots as possible and avoid playing big pots when you don’t have a premium hand.

While NITs usually do not limp, their playing style is not optimum in poker because these players play only a narrow range of hands, making winning pots with less-than-premium holdings difficult.

By understanding their playing style and tendencies, skilled poker players can take advantage of nits’ weaknesses and use them to their advantage.

Poker Nit Example:

In Texas Holdem $1/$2 cash game, a player decided to fold JT offsuit on the button when everyone folded to him because he was an NIT and only played very strong hands.

By failing to play medium-strength hands in favorable situations, poker nits leave a lot of money at the table and become easy targets for more serious players. Make sure not to go on leveling wars with them since they do not try to outsmart you, they are just playing strong hands.



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