What Is An Overcard in Poker?

What Is An Overcard in Poker

The term “overcard” is used in poker to refer to cards with a higher rank than any cards revealed on the board.

Overcards are an important concept in community card poker games because they give you the potential to make a higher-ranking hand than your opponent.

However, to use the concept of overcards efficiently, it is not enough to know how to recognize this hand but also to consider other factors, such as your opponent’s range, position, and pot size.

This is important because you will encounter situations in poker where you might have overcards to the board but are drawing dead, meaning you have no chance of winning the pot.

Poker Overcards Example:

Imagine that you are playing Texas Hold 'em and holding As Ks when the board comes Qs 5d 3c.

In this situation, your hand can be characterized as having two overcards to the board, which means although you didn’t connect to the hand, you still have a decent chance of making a hand such as top pair and possibly beating your opponent hand if he has a top pair on the flop.



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