What Is A Value Bet In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 19, 2023

What Is A Value Bet In Poker

In poker, a value bet is a type of bet that poker players make when they think they are ahead and want to build the pot.

The goal of a value bet is to extract as much value as possible from an opponent’s hands. For a bet to be considered a value bet, a player must believe that his hand is stronger than his opponent’s.

The value bet is one of the two main bet types in poker. The other is a bluff bet, and the difference between these bets is their purpose.

While the purpose of a value bet is to make the opponent call with a weaker hand, the purpose of a bluff bet is to make the opponent fold a better hand.

Knowing how to properly size a value bet based on different poker boards is one of the most underrated skills in poker. The best poker players know exactly how much they can value bet in different situations and how to extract the maximum amount of money from their opponents without raising suspicion. 

Poker Value Bet Example:

Imagine a hand in Texas Holdem in which you are holding Qc Jc, the board is 9s 2d 3d Ts 8h, your opponent checks to you, and you make a ½ pot bet on the river.

In this situation, you are trying to put more money in the pot with the nuts, so your ½ bet in this situation is called a value bet.

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