WPT Prime Taiwan Schedule, Highlights, and More – Play for Your Share of $1,000,000

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Last Updated: January 25, 2024

The popular WPT Prime tour has had massive success so far in 2023, traveling across Europe and Asia with stops in France, Cambodia, Netherlands, India, Slovakia, Vietnam, and more.

Now, WPT Prime comes to Taiwan, with a massive poker festival scheduled to run between August 8 and 21, and feature the first-ever $1,000,000 guarantee for a WPT Prime event.

The Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association in Taipei City will play host to the event, with dozens of separate tournaments and satellites running over the 14 days of crazy action.

Poker has never been bigger in Asia than over the last year. WPT Prime Taiwan is designed to demonstrate just how much interest for Texas Hold’em there is across the continent.

We are bringing you a detailed look at the festival’s schedule, the most important events, and all the perks you can sign up for during WPT Prime Taiwan.

Let’s take a look!


WPT Prime Taiwan Schedule & Highlights

While WPT Prime Taiwan will feature the first-ever $1 million guaranteed WPT Prime event, it is worth noting that all buy-ins and payouts will be made in TWD (1 TWD = $0.032).

The festival will host dozens of tournaments with a variety of buy-ins, all stated in TWD, with the Main Event being the only one to carry a guaranteed prize pool.

Some of the side events will feature buy-ins as low as TWD 3,000, along with plenty of satellites in this buy-in range, while the biggest buy-in will be featured in the TWD 300,000 CPT High Stakes Challenge on August 16.

To play in the Main Event, you will need to pay an entry fee of TWD 33,000 (just over $1,000), but this will give you an opportunity to play for a massive $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

WPT Prime Taiwan Schedule Highlights

While the full list of events at this year’s WPT Prime Taiwan is too long to display here, here is the list of standout events you should definitely know about:

  • TWD 10,000 Main Event Warm Up – August 8
  • TWD 8,000 PLO Warm Up – August 8
  • TWD 66,000 Mini High Roller Warm Up – August 8
  • TWD 6,000 Mini Superstack – August 9
  • TWD 50,000 Single Day High Roller Warm Up – August 10
  • TWD 16,500 Mystery Bounty – August 11
  • TWD 10,000 PLO 15/15/15 – August 11
  • TWD 22,000 Deepstack Turbo – August 11
  • TWD 50,000 Hyper Turbo High Roller – August 12
  • TWD 66,000 Mini High Roller – August 13
  • TWD 11,000 Pot Limit Omaha – August 13
  • TWD 16,500 Turbo 50k Survivor Bounty – August 13
  • TWD 22,000 8-Max Championship – August 14
  • TWD 11,000 Megastack Accumulator – August 15
  • TWD 100,000 Megastack Single Day – August 15
  • TWD 6,000 Ladies Event – August 15
  • TWD 7,000 Short Deck Hold’em – August 16
  • TWD 300,000 CPT High Stakes Challenge – August 16
  • TWD 6,000 Seniors Event (50+) – August 16
  • TWD 33,000 WPT Prime Taiwan Main Event – $1,000,000 Gtd – August 17
  • TWD 200,000 WPT Prime Taiwan Super High Roller – August 17
  • TWD 25,000 Pot Limit Omaha – August 17
  • TWD 66,000 Turbo High Roller – August 18
  • TWD 75,000 Hyper Turbo High Roller – August 19
  • TWD 100,000 WPT Prime Taiwan High Roller – August 20
  • TWD 16,500 Superstack Classic – August 20
  • TWD 16,500 WPT Closer Megastack – August 21
  • TWD 35,000 Turbo Main Event – August 21

As you can see, there will be plenty of action in Taipei come August, and dozens of other tournaments, satellites, and cash games will run alongside the listed events.

This means it’s high time to start preparing your trip to Taiwan, as the dates of the biggest WPT Prime event this year are quickly approaching.

Epic Player Incentives at WPT Prime Taiwan

Not only is WPT Prime Taiwan going to be the most valuable stop of the tour so far this year, but the organizers have also decided to spice the deal up for both visiting and local players entering the events.

The first 50 international players who sign up for Event 8 and one of Events 1, 2, or 4, will get TWD 3,100 back through the Early Bird Deal, designed to help visiting players offset some of the rake costs.

All players who preregister for Event 41 and two of Events 4, 6, 9, 13, 15, and 23, will gain direct access to the VIP Room Deal, which will include complimentary food, drinks, and other perks throughout the duration of the festival.

The Highroller Cash Back Deal will get you up to TWD 15,500 in cash back for participating in Event 41, alongside one or two other high buy-in events throughout the festival.

Finally, players from India and Vietnam who are required to apply for a visa will get up to TWD 3,000 back through the Visa Offset Deal if they participate in one of select WPT Prime events in Taiwan.

Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association and WPT have done a great job offering extra incentives for players to join WPT Prime Taiwan, so make sure to consider these when you make your plans to visit the festival.

More Than Just a Poker Festival

While WPT Prime Taiwan will easily be one of the biggest and best poker festivals of the year in Asia, those visiting Taipei this August will be in for quite a few other treats as well.

Taiwan is famous for its incredible diversity of healthy food available on the go, ranging from Xiao long bao, to oysters, pig’s blood cake, beef noodle soup, and a ton of other specialties you have to try during your stay, all easily available in Taipei’s famous nigh markets.

If you enjoy long hikes and mind boggling views will probably want to stick around for a couple of extra days and explore the Green Mountains, Takoro National Park, and the Heuan Mountain, some of the country’s most beautiful natural gems.

taiwan wpt prime

Exploring the city’s temples and monasteries, along with Old Taiwan, is the perfect entertainment for all history and culture lovers out there, as well as a great way to step away from the hustle and bustle of the card room.

Finally, those looking to party it up will have plenty of opportunities to do so, including the exclusive Player Party, which is on the schedule for Saturday, August 19, and which will be available for free to all WPT Prime players.

All this, and much more, will be available to poker players who visit Taipei from August 8 to 21, so clear the dates, pack your bags, and get ready for one of the finest poker festivals in the region.

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