Best Poker Strategies: Insights from Our Champions – Unveiling Winning Tips and Tactics for Success

Best Poker Strategies

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Last Updated: January 16, 2024

We have all heard about basic poker strategies like check-raising, bankroll management, and size betting. But while these strategies can help you become a good Poker player, implementing advice from experienced players can transform you into a world-beater.

Based on our table experience, we have compiled a list of professional Poker advice to help you improve your playing skills and decision-making.

Selecting Hands

This is the first tip our pros have for you if you're a true beginner at Poker tables. It's essential to learn what Poker hands to play or fold. Folding is basically throwing in the towel when you feel you cannot beat your opponent's hand.

This can be a boring strategy because it means you cannot play anymore. For example, fold small pairs like 6-6 and lower because they don't flop well enough.

Here is a tip from the legendary Daniel Negreanu: “It's much easier post flop to play a hand like K-K than it is Q-5, which might put you in bad situations where you don't know what to do.

Make it easier on yourself, and just play super tight.” He advises beginners to play conservatively until they can get more hands in.

Analyze Different Game Variations

According to the late Doyle Brunson, alias Texas Dolly, playing Poker is more about making the right decisions than winning or losing.

From our perspective, this is solid advice that should inspire upcoming professionals. Based on this advice, choosing the right Poker game and making a calculated approach is important.

But choosing a poker game isn't a walk in the park. This card game has many variations, including Omaha Hold 'em, Seven Card Stud, Double Double Bonus, Jacks or Better, and more.

As you may already know, some variations have a lower house edge that can drop below 1% with an optimal strategy. Double Double Bonus Poker is an excellent example, with its 99.45% RTP.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management is Crucial in Poker

Poker bankroll management is a critical practice that you must always adhere to. It's all about having a budget and controlling it so you don't play with more than you need to risk. Bankroll management can make you a more disciplined and restrained poker player because the results can go both ways. In short, it will help preserve your money by letting you play with the right stakes.

The first step to creating a proper bankroll is determining the amount of money you want to use on a Poker table. A reasonable Poker budget should be the money not needed for your essentials like hospital bills, internet subscriptions, and other payments.

But the good news is that most poker sites provide games with minimum stakes of $0.10 or $0.20. This means you can apply proper bankroll management with a $100 budget.

Place Big Flop Bets

There is a common saying in Poker that you should bet big or go home. While this advice might sound farfetched, Poker has transformed over the years, so strategies like playing conservatively with small bets no longer apply. But that's not to say the small bet strategy doesn't work because it can help you win more frequently. It's just not anything sizeable.

One of the reasons why you should play big flop bets is because they are hard to win against. Your opponent will find it challenging to make game-changing decisions when you're using the big flop sizing strategy.

This means they are likelier to overthink things and make mistakes that you can capitalize on. You should also know that placing the maximum bet might net you a jackpot on a good day.

Know Your Position

Knowing your position in Poker is a vital skill. The truth is that good Poker gamblers play most hands in position. These players know the many benefits of having a position on their opponents after the flop. If your position allows you to play after other players, you can study their moves and make better decisions.

A typical No-Limit Texas Hold 'em table will have the early, middle, and late positions. Besides studying your opponent's moves, playing in the late position might present you with a “free card” if they check to you while you're on a draw.

This can also give you more bluffing opportunities and control the size of the pot you might have. So, play in the middle position in the worst-case scenario.

Play for Free

Play Online Poker For Free

Our next piece of advice to you is to play free Poker games before going professional. Like other casino games, most online poker variants, except live dealer titles, have an option to play for free. These games allow you to know the table rules, bet limits, and practice your strategies without risking real money.

Another way to play Poker for free is using casino bonuses and promotions. Nearly all real money Poker sites will give you bonuses like match deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and reload bonuses to use on RNG games. Use these bonuses to sharpen your Poker playing skills and win real money after meeting the requirements.

Confidence is Key

Playing like a beginner is the worst thing you want to do on a table full of skilled Poker players. You must learn to watch your opponents and read their behaviors to know your exact moves.

But while at it, it's vital to know that your opponents also monitor all your movements on the table. So, don't give away anything that tells.

Always maintain eye contact with your opponents to confidently play Poker even when you're still a beginner. Experienced players can know what you're holding by looking at your eye contact.

In addition, strike up small conversations with other players. Besides making you look confident, this will create a relaxing atmosphere, which is what you need to make the right decisions.


Poker is among the best games to consider, especially if you want to go professional. It's a game of skill, meaning you can confidently employ the above strategies to beat the house. But don't be fooled because most gambling results are determined by luck with a slight element of technique. Play Poker for fun before anything else!

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