Best Friday Tournaments at PokerStars: Get the Weekend Action Started

best pokerstars friday tournaments

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Last Updated: October 3, 2023

Checked by: Ivan Potocki

Weekends are traditionally known as the best time to play online tournament poker, with plenty of action going on each Saturday and Sunday at major poker sites.

And while Sundays may be the best days to play at PokerStars in terms of guarantees and volume, Fridays are a great time to get your grinds started and warm up for the action coming up over the weekend.

Each Friday, PokerStars offers a variety of tournaments across all buy-ins, game types, and formats, allowing players to play poker in their favorite way for a buy-in of their choice.

So, let’s take a look at a typical Friday at PokerStars, go over the schedule, and find all the highlight events you will definitely want to check out.

If you are too eager to get started, head right over to PokerStars and sign up for your account to get into action without any ado. Otherwise, keep on reading and find out what is in store for you this coming Friday.

Friday Mornings at PokerStars – Ideal for Early Birds

Mornings are not typically the time most poker players ply their trade, but with online poker it is more than possible to be an early riser and get plenty of action in during those early hours of the day.

The action starts as early as 05:15am CET, with the Pacific Rim Warm-Up event and the trio of Pacific Rim Specials, created to cater to the players far to the east of Central Europe.

An early morning lineup of Hot, Big, and Bounty Hunter events is also there, giving you a chance to get into a couple of dozen events with buy-ins ranging from $11 to $109, ideal for low and mid stakes grinders.

Here is a quick look at the highlights of the morning schedule of Friday tournaments at PokerStars:

Time (CET) Tournament Buyin Guarantee
05:15 Pacific Rim Warm-Up $82 $3k
05:30 Bounty Builder $22 $22 $5k
06:02 The Fast 8 $55 $4k
06:15 Hot $33 $33 $1.5k
06:30 Bounty Builder $11 $11 $4k
07:00 Big $11 $11 $1.5k
07:05 Micro Pacific Rim Special $5.50 $1.5k
07:05 Mini Pacific Rim Scpeial $33 $4k
07:05 Pacific Rim Special $162 $4k
08:15 Big $109 $109 $2k
09:05 Pacific Cooldown $109 $3k
10:00 Big $22 $22 $2.5k
10:02 Early Battle $55 $7.5k
10:30 Bounty Builder $11 $11 $8k
10:30 Bounty Builder $109 $109 $4k
11:30 Bounty Builder $44 $44 $6k
12:00 Big $16.50 $16.50 $2k

Busy Friday Afternoons for Poker Grinders

As Friday noon rolls around, and most poker players are still in bed, the schedule at PokerStars gets even juicier and the guarantees start going up.

What this means is even more recreational players are ready to get into the games, making it the perfect time to jump into the action.

Of course, it may still be too early for quite a few true grinders to start playing, but those who are ready have plenty to look forward to.

Here is a rundown of some of the key poker tournaments you will not want to miss out on between noon and 6pm at PokerStars every Friday:

Time (CET) Tournament Buyin Guarantee
12:02 Mini Fast Friday (Early Edition) $11 $4k
12:15 Hot $55 $55 $3k
12:22 Fast Friday (Early Edition) $109 $4k
13:02 The Fast 6 $33 $5k
13:15 Big $55 $55 $2k
13:15 Hot $16.50 $16.50 $5k
13:30 Bounty Builder $22 $22 $12k
13:30 Bounty Builder $162 $162 $4k
14:02 Mini Daily Kickoff $11 $7k
14:02 Daily Kickoff $109 $5k
14:30 Bounty Builder $7.50 $7.50 $10k
15:30 The Mini Marathon $5.50 $4k
15:30 Bounty Builder $16.50 $16.50 $15k
15:50 The Marathon $55 $4k
16:30 Daily Eliminator $27 $30k
17:15 Hot $22 $22 $8k
17:30 Bounty Builder $5.50 $5.50 $10k
17:30 Bounty Builder $44 $44 $20k
17:30 Bounty Builder $215 $215 $8k
18:00 Big $109 $109 $10k

Friday Nights for True Grinders

It is well-known that most true grinders come out of their shells in the evenings, and Friday evenings at PokerStars are reserved for some truly spectacular action.

Practically all of the best events you can find on the PokerStars schedule each Friday happen between 6pm and midnight, which makes this the ideal time to play.

best friday tournaments pokerstars

With all the recs getting out of work and knocking back a couple of cold ones before getting into the mix, the time is right and the games are soft.

Here is a look at the best PokerStars tournaments to play each Friday night:

Time (CET) Tournament Buyin Guarantee
18:15 Hot $5.50 $5.50 $4k
18:30 Bounty Builder $11 $11 $25k
19:05 Mini Bounty Builder HR $55 $80k
19:05 Bounty Builder HR $530 $40k
19:15 Hot $11 $11 $6k
19:30 Bounty Builder $109 $109 $15k
20:00 Big $11 $11 $8k
20:02 Fast Friday High Roller $1,050 $20k
20:05 Mini Fast Friday $22 $20k
20:12 Fast Friday $215 $10k
20:30 Bounty Builder $5.50 $5.50 $10k
20:30  Bounty Builder $33 $33 $30k
21:15 Hot $22 $22 $10k
21:30 Bounty Builder $7.50 $7.50 $15k
21:40 The Fast 7 $55 $15k
22:02 Fenomeno $109 $20k
22:15 Hot $7.50 $7.50 $6k
22:30 Bounty Builder $22 $22 $18k
23:00 Big $5.50 $5.50 $2.5k
23:02 Daily Cooldown $109 $25k
23:05 Mini Daily Cooldown $11 $10k
23:22 Daily Cooldown High Roller $530 $10k
23:30 Bounty Builder $55 $55 $20k

Mixed Game Action Around the Clock

PokerStars is the only online poker site where you can legitimately play mixed game tournaments every day, with games across all stakes and different games offered.

Fridays are no exception, with plenty of PLO, PLO8, Stud, HORSE, 8-Game, and 2-7 Draw tournaments happening at all hours of the day.

While guarantees in these events are not as appealing as those reserved for NLH, players who are well-versed in other games may find themselves crushing the field, with many players playing the games just for fun without true strategic understanding.

You will find well over two dozen mixed game events on the schedule very Friday in the low and mid stakes range, with special events being thrown on Fridays during big festivals like WCOOP and SCOOP.

If you are into mixed game tournaments, PokerStars is literally the only site where you can scratch your itch, so make sure to sign up and be there every Friday for plenty of mixed game action.

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