Will AI Be Able to Help with Prediction and Poker Odds?

can ai help your poker game

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Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to change many aspects of our lives. From marketing to medicine, AI is present in many facets.

In today's post, however, we'll focus on its potential in gambling, specifically in poker.

Is AI so intelligent that it can make poker predictions? Can it estimate the odds of a winning or losing poker hand? Read on and let's talk about its potential.

How to Win in Poker

Before we discuss the impact of AI in poker, let's first talk about how you can win in a traditional game.

If you're familiar with how this card game works, then you'll know that you need a winning hand. Meaning, your combination of high cards should have the highest possible value to win.

In addition, winning a poker game requires human skills. For instance, you need to make strategic decisions.

Further, it's a must to look at the behavior of other players, including their facial characteristics. However, the latter isn't possible when you're playing on an online platform.

The Role of AI in Poker

AI influences poker in many ways. Among others, one thing that it does is enhance predictions.

While nothing has a 100% guarantee of being correct, AI can be effective in analyzing massive data and behavior patterns. In turn, this is what allows the technology to make intelligent predictions.

ai and online poker

With the help of AI, you can predict the betting patterns of your opponents. This is done by looking at their previous strategies. It can also help determine if they are just bluffing.

Not to mention, AI can spot the weaknesses of your opponents, which you can exploit to win a game.

More so, AI has the potential to make a thorough probability analysis within seconds. It can analyze card combinations that are currently on the table or those that the other players are still holding. This will give you a competitive edge by suggesting your next moves.

Lastly, AI can examine or predict the level of your opponents. By feeding information like their previous moves, AI can assess the gaming style of other players. In turn, it can use the players' game decisions to predict what will happen next.

Examples of AI Tools and How They're Changing Poker

For a better understanding of how AI helps in poker predictions and odds, let's talk about some tools making an impact in the industry.


It's almost impossible to talk about AI these days without mentioning ChatGPT. This tool relies on machine learning and natural language processing, responding to prompts that the user inputs.

using ai in poker

Using ChatGPT allows users to gain real-time analysis. For instance, you can describe your current hand, and in turn, ChatGPT can describe the odds of winning. It can use mathematical calculations to improve your decision-making skills.


To begin with, note that this isn't a tool available at the discretion of online players. Instead, it's a research project by Facebook's AI Lab and Carnegie Mellon University. The bot was created in 2019, a few years before AI became more popular.

One of the biggest achievements of Pluribus was that it was the first AI to beat top human players in a six-person game. It uses self-play and search algorithm strategies to win against poker experts.

So, Should You Use AI in Poker?

By now, you're probably thinking of looking for fast payout sites in NZ where you can play poker and use AI. However, not so fast! It's important that you look at some considerations.

For instance, many online casinos explicitly state that they ban the use of bots and similar technologies. They might see it as an unfair advantage over other human players with no access to such technologies. Not to mention, it might put the casino on the losing end.

The legal landscape will vary depending on your location. Nonetheless, even when there are no specific laws prohibiting the use of AI, it's also crucial to look at its ethical considerations.

To be on the safe side, the best way to use AI in poker is for education, especially if you're a new player. It can aid your practice games. Consequently, you can learn poker strategies that you can apply in real life.

If there's one thing we can conclude, it's that AI is effective in helping poker predictions and odds. Tools like Pluribus prove such, especially given how it has beaten expert players.

But using it is another story. It's best to check the site's terms and conditions and local laws. Otherwise, you might be facing the consequences.

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