GGPoker Announces Bounty Hunters Series with $100 Million in Guaranteed Prizes

GGPoker Mystery Bounty Series

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Last Updated: January 11, 2024

GGPoker’s popular Bounty Hunters Series is back, as the operator announced the kickoff of a brand new Bounty Hunters Series this winter, with January 14 being the kickoff date.

With just days left before the Series starts, you would expect the operator to have the full schedule ready, but it appears GGPoker is still working on the specifics, as the exact schedule remains undisclosed at this time.

Yet, what we do know is that this edition of Bounty Hunters Series will feature an amazing $100,000,000 prize pool across all the tournaments, $10,000,000 of which will be reserved for the $215 Mystery MILLION$ Main Event.

Compared to the previous edition of the popular knockout tournament festival, GGPoker will be offering just about double the prizes, guarantees, bounties, Main Events, and leaderboards, making it twice as appealing to the thousands of players across the GGPoker network.

Join GGPoker today to play in the Bounty Hunters Series between January 14 and February 5, or keep reading to find out some more specifics about the upcoming festival.

Three Mystery Bounty Main Events on Offer

While the definitive schedule for this edition of Bounty Hunters Series has not been released by GGPoker just yet, a few of the most interesting events have been disclosed.

Three versions of Main Event will run during the festival, presumably near its end in early February, with a combined $13.5 million in guaranteed prizes and reasonable buyins for everyone’s budget.

Here is a quick look at the three Main Events you will not want to miss:

  • $5.25 Mystery Bounty Million – $1 Million Guaranteed
  • $25 Mystery MILLION$ Mini Main – $2.5 Million Guaranteed
  • $210 Mystery MILLION$ Main Event – $10 Million Guaranteed

All three events will feature the popular Mystery Bounty format, which means you could win some big bucks even for just eliminating a single player in the ITM stage.

To make things even sweeter, the $210 Mystery MILLION$ Main Event will feature an incredible $1,000,000 Top Bounty, the absolute jackpot of the entire festival.

One lucky player will walk away with a cool million dollars from a $215 event without even having to win it, making this a tournament everyone will want to get in on.

With the massive guarantees in place, you can expect fairly soft competitions, as thousands of players win their seats via various satellites and plenty of others play above their normal stakes in the hopes of catching a lucky break with the bounties.

$25k Daily Bounty Leaderboards

In the spirit of its name, Bounty Hunters Series will feature a massive $25k Leaderboard every single day, awarding the players with the most bounties in the given 24-hour period.

The more events you play, and the more players you knock out, the bigger your chances to win a slice of the $25k daily prize pool.

If you happen to win one of the daily leaderboards, you will be named the Bounty King for the day, and your name and picture will be displayed on the GGPoker website.

GGPoker Bounty Hunter Series Daily Bounty Kings
GGPoker Bounty Hunter Series Daily Bounty Kings

A total of 23 Bounty Kings will be named, and more than $500,000 in prize money will be distributed during the Series, adding plenty of extra value to the festival as a whole.

To pursue the Daily Leaderboards, you won’t even have to play every single day of the festival, but simply grind out a few days, playing full schedule, and hoping for a bit of a good run when all the chips are in the middle.

Become the Ultimate Bounty King

On top of the Daily Leaderboards, an overall Series Leaderboard will run throughout the festival, awarding an astonishing $500,000 to the top finishers.

With half a million on the line, this Leaderboard will offer tons of extra value for the most successful players in the Series as a whole, adding even more reason to reserve the final days of January for some hardcore grinding.

The Bounty King Leaderboard, as it is dubbed by GGPoker, will award more than one player, but only one will be named Bounty King of the festival, earning the crown and the top prize.

With the Daily Leaderboards, that takes the overall added value of the Bounty Hunter Series to over $1,000,000, easily making it the most lucrative online tournaments festival to play this winter.

GGPoker Mystery Bounty Series

Bounty Hunters Assemble

The Bounty Hunters Series starts at GGPoker in just a few days, and while the full schedule is not yet released, it is clear that it will be made up of hundreds of knockout tournaments with varying buyins, as is usual for all GGPoker festivals.

With millions of dollars offered in Main Events alone, and tournaments for every budget guaranteed to be on the list, Bounty Hunters Series is an ideal tournament Series for pretty much anyone.

Added value through satellites and Leaderboards, soft competition with thousands of entries in all major events, and massive guaranteed prize pools ensure the festival will be a real treat for all the grinders out there, along with a juicy welcome bonus for all new players.

On the other hand, the randomness of mystery bounties means you could win big in any of the big mystery bounty events without even going to the final table, with a top bounty of $1,000,000 waiting in the Main Event.

Join GGPoker today to take your chance and play in the upcoming Mystery Bounty Series and play for your share of $100,000,000 in guaranteed prizes.

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