GGPoker’s Winter Giveaway Series Delivers Big – $50M in Guarantees & Free Add-Ons

ggpoker winter giveaway series

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Last Updated: December 13, 2023

GGPoker’s Winter Giveaway Series promises to deliver some of the most impressive poker events we’ve ever seen during the holiday season.

Offering an incredible $50 million in guaranteed prizes and $5 million in free add-ons, it is an event every poker fan should be on the lookout for.

With a few events already on the way since December 11 and 12, the Giveaway Series runs on GGPoker until January 15.

The series also includes several signature events, with the most rewarding one being the Winter Series Grand Finale, offering over $2 million in guaranteed prizes.

Here’s everything you should know about GGPoker’s remarkable holiday series special!

Outstanding Signature Events

With non-stop action for the entire month, the Winter Giveaway Series includes a few tournaments that stand out above the rest. Marked as “Signature Events” of the series, these four rewarding tournaments offer over $4 million in guaranteed prizes.

The first of the four is the Christmas Day Mystery Bounty, which comes with a promise of $1 million and a $125 buy-in. This event has already started on December 11 and will run until December 25, featuring multiple Day 1s.

ggpoker winter series signature events

The second signature event is the Global MILLION$ New Year Bounty Bash, which also has $1 million in guaranteed prizes. Moreover, this online poker event has an even lower entry barrier, with a buy-in of just $50. It starts on December 18, and the final stage takes place on January 7.

Starting on December 16 and ending on the same day as the previous event, the Omaholic MILLION$ New Year Bounty Bash is the third signature MTT, offering $250,000 in guaranteed prizes, with a $250 buy-in.

With all that in mind, the most sought-after signature event will be the Winter Series Grand Finale.

Winter Giveaway Series Grand Finale

The highlight of this month-long series is undoubtedly the two-week-long Winter Giveaway Series Grand Finale.

With a buy-in of $250 and $2,024,000 guaranteed, the main event of the series offers players the opportunity to compete for massive prizes while keeping a reasonable buy-in.

The Grand Finale gets underway on January 1. Day 1 flights are available until the final day of the series, January 15.

In the afternoon and evening of the last day, players will compete in the Last Chance and Final Day portions of the tournament for a share of the $2+ million guaranteed prize pool.

$5 Million in Winter Giveaway Add-Ons

As if the massive $50 million prize pool wasn’t impressive enough, GGPoker sweetens the pot with $5 million in add-ons. This Winter Giveaway add-on is divided into two rewarding packages.

The first is a massive $1 million freeroll tournament, the biggest of its kind ever seen on GGPoker. This amazing freeroll is available to all players and runs from December 20 to January 1.

The second package adds 10% to the player-favorite tournaments, delivering $4 million in bonus guarantees. This provides additional value that will certainly attract significant attention in the poker community.

Sign Up for GGPoker’s Massive End of The Year Series

The wide range of buy-in sizes provides suitable options for every player’s bankroll. The Bounty Hunters Holiday Special offers the lowest buy-in, set at only $12.90.

On the other end of the scale, the GGMasters HR Winter Freezeout has a buy-in of a sizable $1,050.

That said, there are also many satellites that you can take advantage of to book your virtual seat in one of the featured tournaments. Additionally, remember to make use of the $1 million Freeroll Event.

To be certain you don’t miss out on any of these opportunities, sign up with GGPoker, download the real money poker app, and be a part of this massive end-of-the-year poker series.

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