JackPoker Slashes Rake by 20% Across the Board

jackpoker slashes rake

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Last Updated: January 4, 2024

There are many elements that come into play if you want to be a winning poker player, but how much rake you have to pay for the privilege to participate in the games has always been near the top of the list.

Even the best players in the world will struggle in the games that charge a lot of rake, and as the games get tougher, this small detail becomes increasingly important. All online poker operators know this all too well, but JackPoker decided to take concrete steps toward making their games more appealing.

Namely, the room has slashed its rake by 20% across the board, making the idea of playing on this fresh site even more appealing. JackPoker has already established itself as a platform offering some of the softest games around, but with this latest move, being profitable has become much easier.

Enjoy Soft Action at Even Lower Prices

The new JackPoker rake scheme was introduced a couple of days ago across all cash game tables. Regardless of what limits you play and whether you prefer No Limit Hold’em or PLO, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of the new system.

This is what the rake structure looks like right now:

No Limit Hold’em Rake

Blinds BB Rake Cap 2-3 players CAP rake/bb CAP 4+ players CAP rake/bb
0,05/0,10 0,10 5,00% 0,70 7,0 1,40 14,0
0,10/0,20 0,20 5,00% 1,30 6,5 2,60 13,0
0,25/0,50 0,50 5,00% 2,80 5,6 5,60 11,2
0,50/1,00 1,00 5,00% 3,00 3,0 6,00 6,0
1,00/2,00 2,00 5,00% 4,50 2,3 9,00 4,5
2,00/4,00 4,00 5,00% 6,00 1,5 12,00 3,0
5,00/10,00 10,00 5,00% 10,00 1,0 20,00 2,0
10,00/20,00 20,00 5,00% 14,00 0,7 28,00 1,4

PLO / PLO5 Rake

Blinds BB Rake Cap 2-3 players CAP rake/bb CAP 4+ players CAP rake/bb
0,05/0,10 0,10 5,00% 0,15 1,5 0,30 3,0
0,10/0,20 0,20 5,00% 0,30 1,5 0,60 3,0
0,25/0,50 0,50 5,00% 0,65 1,3 1,30 2,6
0,50/1,00 1,00 5,00% 1,15 1,2 2,30 2,3
1,00/2,00 2,00 5,00% 2,00 1,0 4,00 2,0
2,00/4,00 4,00 5,00% 3,50 0,9 7,00 1,8
5,00/10,00 10,00 5,00% 7,50 0,8 15,00 1,5

During the period where most online poker operators seem to be going in the opposite direction, introducing rake increases left and right and making lives harder for the grinders, it’s nice to see a small site like JackPoker taking steps to make the games more affordable.

The effect of rake on your overall profitability is very real, whether you pay attention to it or not. So, this is definitely good news for all existing and potential new players considering opening an account with the operator.

Even More Value for Your Money

Lowered rake is just one (albeit big) reason to give JackPoker a try, but the operator has more interesting and valuable things in store for all players.

  • Bad Beat Jackpot – get 15 big blinds back if you lose to a specific hand at cash game tables (if you lose to trips at NLHE, flush at PLO, and full house at PLO5).
  • Jack Bonus Bonanza – there is over $1.2 million up for grabs this September via special Jack Bonus Bonanza tournaments with boosted guarantees and expected overlays, so if you’re a tournament player, you won’t feel left out.
  • Jack Freeroll Festival – JackPoker is offering $200k in freeroll prizes with daily and weekly events featuring prize pools between $150 and $2,500. There are events open to depositing and non-depositing players alike.

jackpoker freerolls

All in all, there is plenty of reason to play at JackPoker this September and get value for your money. With a lower rake, frequent tournament overlays, and regular freerolls with very soft fields, this just might be the place where you can build up your bankroll.

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