What Is Minimum Defence Frequency (MDF) In Poker?

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Last Updated: December 19, 2023

What Is Minimum Defense Frequency (MDF) In Poker

Minimum Defense Frequency, or MDF, is a poker concept that describes the part of your range with which you must continue when facing a bet to remain unexploitable by bluffs.

In other words, MDF tells us how often we must call or raise a bet in a certain situation to prevent our opponents from profiting by bluffing us with any two cards.

The MDF formula is based on the size of the bet and the pot odds and is expressed as a percentage.

MDF = (pot size / (pot size + bet size)) x 100

By understanding MDF, you can make better decisions on whether to continue with a certain portion of your range when facing a bet.

However, it is important to note that to make the most informed decision, you must use MDF in conjunction with other parts of the games, such as hand reading, opponent type, and game dynamics.

Poker MDF Example:

Let’s say you are playing Texas Hold’em cash game. The pot is already $200, and you are facing a $200 bet. The calculation for the minimum defense frequency in this position would be:

(200 / (200 + 200)) x 100 =

(200 / 400) x 100 =

0.5 x 100 =


In other words, in this situation, you need to call or raise with at least 50% of your poker hands in range to prevent your opponent from exploiting you with bluffs.

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