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Last Updated: July 23, 2023

Bounty Builder tournaments on PokerStars have gained immense popularity among poker enthusiasts who seek an adrenaline rush and the chance to hit a big score.

These tournaments introduce an exciting element of competition by incorporating bounties into the gameplay.

You battle for your share of the prize pool and earn money for eliminating your opponents. This unique twist adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game.

This article brings you the top bounty builder tournament on PokerStars.

What Are Bounty Builder Tournaments?

Before jumping into the top bounty builder tournaments, let's briefly explain what makes this format unique.

Bounty Builder tournaments are a type of MTTs where players compete for the main prize pool and earn bounties for eliminating opponents.

The structure of these events is similar to traditional tournaments. Players start with a set number of poker chips and blinds increase over time.

However, each player has a bounty on their head. This a predetermined amount of money awarded to the player who eliminates them from the tournament.

Suppose you pay a $50 buy-in for a Bounty Builder tournament. Out of this amount, $25 is added to the regular prize pool. The other $25 is added to your bounty.

You receive half of the player’s bounty whenever you eliminate them, which goes straight to your PokerStars account. The remaining half of the bounty is then added to your own bounty.

For example, if your initial bounty was $25 and you successfully eliminate an opponent who also has a $25 bounty on their head, the bounty will be distributed in the following way:

  • You will receive $12.5 as bounty money, which goes straight to your account
  • An additional $12.5 will go to your own bounty, increasing it from $25 to $37.5

This introduction of bounties brings a dynamic and strategic element to Bounty Builder tournaments.

Players are not only focused on finishing in the money but also actively seek to eliminate opponents to claim their bounties.

The bounty element also affects players’ decision-making process. It can lead to unconventional poker strategies. Players will target opponents with large bounties or attempt risky plays to accumulate bounties quickly.

Why Play Bounty Builder Tournaments on PokerStars?

Bounty Builder tournaments on PokerStars attract a large number of participants, resulting in massive player pools and huge guarantees.

These tournaments allow you to compete against a diverse range of opponents, from recreational players to seasoned professionals.

bounty builders on pokerstars

PokerStars’ Bounty Builder tournaments are very dynamic as almost every hand represents an opportunity.

This is unlike regular MTTs, where there are often slow periods where you’re just trying to keep your stacks hovering around average and waiting for your opportunity.

Top Bounty Builder Tournaments on PokerStars

As one of the leading online poker sites, PokerStars is known for hosting some of the best Bounty Builder tournaments in the industry.

Below, we explore the top Bounty Builder tournaments on PokerStars, where skill, strategy, and the hunt for bounties converge.

$3.30 Bounty Builder

The $3.30 Bounty Builder begins at 19:30 CET, with $1.50 from each entry contributing to the bounty prize pool.

You earn a progressive bounty of at least $0.75 for each elimination. The tournament offers a total prize pool of $12,000.

This tournament is ideal for inexperienced players or those with limited bankrolls, offering an affordable buy-in and the opportunity to compete for a substantial prize pool.

$11 Bounty Builder

The $11 Bounty Builder on PokerStars kicks off at 18:30 CET, with $5 from each buy-in going to the bounty prize pool. You can earn a progressive bounty of at least $2.50 for every player you bust.

With an $11 buy-in and a total prize pool of $30,000, this tournament stands out as one of the best Bounty Builder tournaments in terms of value for money.

$33 Bounty Builder

The $33 Bounty Builder starts at 20:30 CET. This tournament has a $40,000 prize pool with $15 from each entry dedicated to the bounty prize pool, and you can earn a bounty of at least $7.50 for every elimination.

best bounty builder tournaments

If you are a small stakes grinder with a solid understanding of bounty tournament strategy, the $33 Bounty Builder is an excellent choice.

$109 Bounty Builder

This Bounty Builder tournament has a buy-in of $109, with $50 from each entry going to the bounty prize pool. Players can earn a progressive bounty of at least $25 for eliminating opponents.

With a $70,000 prize pool, the $109 Bounty Builder stands out as one of PokerStars' most significant and prominent Bounty Builder tournaments.

Top Tips for Bounty Builder Tournaments on PokerStars

Bounty Builder tournaments on PokerStars blend traditional poker gameplay and the added excitement of bounties.

In this section, we break down the top tips and strategies that will help you improve your performance and increase your chances of securing bounties and cash prizes these events.

Pay Attention to Bounties

The size of the bounties plays a crucial role in Bounty Builder tournaments since it can turn marginal spots into profitable situations.

bounty builder tips

Always pay attention to the size of your opponents' bounty and the size of your bounty. If your opponent has a big enough bounty, getting involved in hands that you would fold in regular tournaments is okay.

Avoid Bluffing Opponents Who Have You Covered

In Bounty Builders, most opponents try their best to pick up as many bounties as possible. This means that players that have you covered will be eager to call you for a chance to win your bounty.

This creates interesting dynamics and decreases the value of bluffing while also increasing the profitability of value bets.

Look To Play Against Players That You Cover

In this tournament format, always look to play against players that you cover. Apart from winning their chips, this also puts you in the position to win their bounty.


The best Bounty Builder tournaments on PokerStars offer an electrifying blend of skill, strategy, and the thrill of hunting bounties.

With various buy-ins and prize pools, these tournaments cater to players of all levels and bankrolls.

Whether you are a novice player seeking excitement or a seasoned pro looking for high-stakes action, you can’t go wrong with Bounty Builder tournaments on PokerStars.

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