Win Up to $5k Daily with PokerStars Pocket Rockets Challenge

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Last Updated: January 5, 2024

A new year means a chance at a new start, and PokerStars is offering just that to all players who join the platform throughout the month of January.

On top of the usual $600 welcome bonus, which all new PokerStars players can claim by creating an account and depositing using promo code “STARS600,” the operator is offering extra value every single day of January through the brand new Pocket Rockets Challenge.

If you join PokerStars right now, you can run the Pocket Rockets Challenge every single day until January 1 and have a chance of winning prizes worth up to $5,000 every single day.

All you will need to do to take part in the Pocket Rockets Challenge is play some real money poker on the platform every day, which means completely free value for all players who were going to play online this January anyway.

Keep reading to find out more about the rules of the Pocket Rockets Challenge and the potential rewards you can win, or head over to PokerStars right now to set up your account and start winning those daily rewards.

How Pocket Rockets Challenge Works

The new PokerStars Pocket Rockets Challenge is one of the simplest and least demanding challenges we have seen in online poker recently, but also one of the most rewarding ones.

With the Challenge, you get to compete for valuable prizes every day, and all you need to do is accumulate 100 points, which are awarded for winning poker hands with particular sets of hole cards.

Win a hand with Pocket Rockets (AA), and you will instantly receive 100 points towards the daily challenge, giving you access to the day’s reward right away.

Alternatively, you can accumulate points through multiple poker hands by winning with the following hole card combos:

AA (Pocket Rockets)100
KK, QQ, JJ50

In order to win the points with a particular hand, you will need to be dealt the exact two cards and then win the pot with them in any way you see fit.

Whether you choose to go all-in and get everyone to fold, or go for maximum value on every betting street, the points will be yours if you win the hand.

You can start accumulating points as early as today at cash game tables with stakes of $0.02/0.05 or higher or Spin and Go tournaments with buy-ins $1 and higher.

In order to get started, simply sign up with PokerStars, go to the Challenges windows, and opt-In for the promotion.

You will need to accumulate 100 points every day in order to receive the daily chest containing your reward for taking part in the Pocket Rockets Challenge for the given day.

What Can I Win?

We already told you that prizes worth up to $5,000 are available to everyone playing the Pocket Rockets Challenge, but plenty of other prizes are up for grabs for everyone who doesn’t get quite as lucky.

The prizes are distributed via a random number generator, meaning every player will have exactly the same chance at every prize from the list.

Once you have completed the challenge for the day, you will receive a PokerStars Chest, which will contain your randomly selected reward.

Here is a look at all the prizes you can win, and the chances you will land that particular prize in each of your chests:

PrizeChance of Winning
$5k in Cash0.01%
$500 in Cash0.1%
$100 in Cash0.5%
$50 in Cash1%
$25 Tournament Ticket1%
$11 Tournament Ticket2.39%
$5 Tournament Ticket10%
$1 Tournament Ticket85%

As you can see, 85% of the chests will contain a $1 tournament ticket, which you can use to play another Spin and Go, SNG, or Power Path satellite and spin it up.

If you play every day between now and the end of January, you will receive more than 20 tickets, giving you a reasonable chance at spinning up a significant bankroll.

What’s more, there is always a small chance at landing one of those top cash prizes, and with a minimal investment needed to take part in the Pocket Rockets Challenge, there is no downside to giving it a shot and starting 2024 the right way.

Claim Your $600 PokerStars Welcome Bonus

PokerStars remains one of the top online poker platforms going into 2024, and if you are planning on playing poker this year, it is one of the first online poker rooms you should look to sign up with.

Playing at PokerStars this January will be exceptionally fun due to the Pocket Rockets Challenge, but all new players get to claim even more value through the $600 welcome bonus.

All you need to do to claim $600 in extra value is create your PokerStars account and make a real money deposit worth up to $600.

PokerStars will match your initial deposit in full and give you a chance to clear your $600 bonus at a rate of 40% rakeback, one of the best in the industry.

Sign up with PokerStars right now, get one of the best mobile poker apps around, and claim all the extra value and enjoy the biggest poker tournaments at the most secure and enjoyable online poker platform out there.

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