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Last Updated: November 5, 2023

A couple of weeks back, PartyPoker announced the launch of its new SPINS Overdrive format, jackpot-style sit and goes with bigger prizes and larger stacks in tournaments with higher multipliers. After a short wait, SPINS Overdrive games are now finally live in the client.

Jackpot sit and goes have been one of the most popular formats in recent years, attracting recreational players and serious grinders alike. The latest move by PartyPoker aims to make their particular strain of these three-person games even more attractive.

These games now offer multipliers between 2x and 240,000x the buy-in, depending on the buy-in level, making it possible for the players competing at a $5 level share in on a prize pool of $1,200,000, with a cool million reserved for the winner.

But that’s not all. To celebrate the launch of a new format, PartyPoker is running a variety of promotions and competitions, so if you feel like trying your luck and chasing some big multipliers, there’s never been a better time to do so.

More Money & More Skill

PartyPoker has revamped its SPINS games, increasing not only the prize multipliers, but also making sure that players lucky enough to trigger one of the big multipliers get more room to play and show their poker skills.

While these remain fast-paced sit and goes, you’ll now have much more maneuvering space when fighting for bigger prizes. This is how the prize multiplier and starting stacks stack up in SPINS Overdrive online poker games:

Prize Multiplier Starting Stack Level Duration
2 – 2.99x 300 chips 1 minute
3 – 3.99x 500 chips 1 minute
4 – 4.99x 500 chips 2 minutes
5 – 9.99x 500 chips 3 minutes
10 – 24.99x 750 chips 3 minutes
25 – 119.99x 750 chips 4 minutes
120 – 239.99x 750 chips 5 minutes
240x+ 1000 chips 5 minutes

When it comes to prizes, players can now look forward to much bigger max multipliers and fewer games with 2x multipliers. There are two levels where the prize pools can reach $1,200,000, one of them being $5 buy-in games. All other games offer the max multiplier of 12,000x.

Buy-in Max Prize
$0.25 $3,000 (12,000x multiplier)
$1 $12,000 (12,000x multiplier)
$3 $36,000 (12,000x multiplier)
$5 $1,200,000 (240,000x multiplier)
$10 $120,000 (12,000x multiplier)
$20 $240,000 (12,000x multiplier)
$50 $600,000 (12,000x multiplier)
$100 $1,200,000 (240,000x multiplier)

All games with multipliers up to 25x are winner-takes-all. Tournaments with a prize multiplier of 25x or more reserve 84% for the winner, while the second and third-place finishers receive 8% of the prize pool each.

All these changes make SPINS Overdrive games more exciting and more appealing to a wider audience. Bigger prizes mean more reasons for recreationals to get involved, while changes to the structure are geared towards more skilled players, allowing them to put their knowledge to work when it really matters – in tournaments with the biggest prize multipliers.

The 6th Gear Challenge

While chasing big multipliers can be quite exciting on its own, PartyPoker is really pulling all the stops to get people to try SPINS Overdrive. There are several promotions running around these games, and one of them is The 6th Gear Challenge.

These daily challenges give you an opportunity to win free SPINS Overdrive tickets worth up to $1,000, as well as entries to the $5,000 freeroll.

spins overdrive 6th gear

To get started, simply go to the ‘Offers’ section in your account and select the 6th Gear Challenge Pick. The Challenge you’re eligible for will be available immediately.

Once you complete one challenge, the next one will become available immediately, so you can rinse and repeat until you’ve finished all six gears and picked up all the available rewards for the day.

Daily SPINS Overdrive Races

If you’re looking to grind these games, PartyPoker gives you a few extra reasons to put in as much volume as possible via daily Leaderboards. There is $5,000 in prizes up for grabs every single day, distributed across all buy-in levels.

The number of points you’ll receive is based entirely on the tournament multiplier, so the more games you play, the better your chance of unlocking a few big ones and getting a good position on the leaderboard.

All leaderboards pay at least 25 places, but the lowest buy-in ones ($0.25, $1, and $3) pay the top 35 spots. The prize distribution isn’t too top-heavy, which makes it even more worth your while to put in a decent volume. Even if you don’t get the first or second place, finishing in the top few spots will still be well worth your while.

Free Tickets Every Day

Even if you don’t want to deposit any money, there is still a way to give PartyPoker SPINS Overdrive games a shot. Every single day, you can receive one $0.25 ticket completely free.

All you have to do is download the PartyPoker mobile app. Fire up the app and log in every day, and you’ll receive one ticket. The promotion will run until September 14, 2023, unless the operator decides to extend it.

The new SPINS Overdrive format brings more fun, more excitement, and more prizes than ever before. Don’t miss out on all the promotions the operator is running right now, as you’ll be missing out on a lot of value.

Instead, head on over to PartyPoker, pick up your welcome bonus, and try your luck. You never know if that next huge multiplier game has your name on it!

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