What Types of Betting Promo Codes Are Available Online and Do They Work for Poker?

What types of betting promo codes are available online and do they work for Poker

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Last Updated: November 4, 2023

It is pretty much common knowledge that people generally like to score good deals. Promo codes are one specific type of “good deal” that saves customers some of their hard-earned dough.

Promo codes are used in all sorts of merchandising and retail as well as in the betting world as a common way to keep new customers or to reward the loyalty of existing ones as part of a larger promotional strategy to market their services.

The codes themselves are made up of alphanumeric combinations that can easily be typed in on an online template to receive the benefits they offer.

Promo code is short for “promotional code” and is similar to and sometimes interchangeable with the terms discount codes, voucher codes, coupon codes, or bonus codes. Betting promo codes are like any other promotional code, with the exception that they are specific to betting platforms.

While there are particular promo codes for certain types of games at online casinos, promo codes typically can come in as a welcome bonus that provides new customers with an incentive to join. These discount codes are mutually beneficial to both the business as well as the customer, so it is a pretty solid deal for both partners.

In response to the question that the title delineates, the shortest and sweetest answer is “many” and “yes.” For a little bit of elaboration, there are many types of betting promo codes that also work for poker.

Some common types of betting promo codes are welcome bonuses, free bets, and enhanced odds. All of these types are applicable to a wide range of games that also include poker, such as the DraftKings promo code.

Some Neuroeconomics on Betting Promo Codes

Neuroeconomics on Betting Promo Codes

To delve into some fancy-schmancy science without going heavy on the tech talk, let’s look at some scientific theories on why promo codes are so attractive to customers. That is where the field of neuroeconomics has some definitive, concrete answers as to why promo codes can make customers feel good – neuroeconomics helps to explain the scientific reasons behind the workings of betting promo codes.

So, to postulate the question in hopes that science – and specifically neuroeconomics – can help to answer, it comes down to brain chemistry and the thrill of getting a good deal. Experts say that incentives like promo codes have a significant impact on a customer’s overall experience of betting online.

Adding to that, obtaining a coupon or promo code can be more enjoyable than receiving a present as far as the body’s physical response to it. The findings of one study revealed that after receiving a promo code, the subjects tested showed higher levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is the substance that is responsible for generating feelings of well-being and happiness.

Seeing that promo codes actually cause a measurable physical reaction is helpful for customers to become more aware of their own reactions to stimuli and also the businesses that can realize just how effective these incentives are for attracting new customers and giving a pat on the back to loyal ones who stay.

Another valuable benefit to customers that builds upon a heightened sense of self-awareness is that once customers are better able to recognize their trigger points and what incites them to make a particular discussion or to act in a certain way, they are better able to manage their behavior.

When it comes to making changes in behavior, awareness comes first, and then it usually changes automatically as a result or can be something to work on.

The capacity and potential for customers to become increasingly aware of their actions is especially relevant when it comes to betting and the gambling world, in regard to the absolutely imperative need to play responsibly.

Gambling and betting are well-known – and also notorious – for getting out of hand rather quickly. Since the transactions of betting can be as fast as the blink of an eye, a player can lose a considerable amount of money without fully realizing it in the heat of the moment.

Like Bees to Honey – The Seemingly Irresistible Allure of Promo Codes

The Irresistible Allure of Promo Codes

The primary reason that saving money, discounts, and scoring a good deal attracts customers is based on a psychological and economic concept called the loss aversion principle. This principle is just as the term describes – that the individual has an aversion to loss, or in other words, would rather not have to miss out or lose something that they feel belongs to them.

In the case of promo codes, customers feel a strong connection to the money they have in their bank accounts and wallets and do not want to part with it easily. The loss aversion principle has similar foundations to FOMO, which is the younger generation's term for “fear of missing out.”

In the paragraphs above, in the discussion of neuroeconomics, it was mentioned that the scientific study found that customers’ bodies produced heightened levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin makes the customers feel happier, and they also may feel that they have won something by scoring a good deal.

Gambling enthusiasts are especially susceptible to this since they seem to be more easily stimulated by betting and gambling activities. Promo codes work in a similar manner, stimulating the brain's pleasure center.

There could also be a case made for poker players in particular since the game of poker is unique among casino games in that it involves a much greater amount of strategy.

It can be hypothesized that poker players spend a longer time trying to find the best deals, as their strategy-based skills are more shapely fine-tuned than players of other games that are more dependent on luck and chance.

To wrap up, promo codes attract customers because they increase happiness, fuel the thrill of making a good deal, forge a bond between the platform and the customer, and encourage them to feel intelligent.

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