Win Your Share of $500k in 888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series

888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series

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Last Updated: April 10, 2024

Major online poker operators offer tournament series year-round, but low stakes players often get completely or somewhat left out due to the high average buyins of these festivals. 888poker is about to change all that with the 888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series, which starts April 14.

The Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series is aimed at micro and low stakes players, featuring dozens of events with buyins as low as $1 and only as high as $55, with no events in the higher buyin brackets.

Despite the low average buyin, the Series will feature a massive $500,000 guaranteed prize pool, with $100,000 of that being reserved for the $25 multi-flight Main Event.

If you are a micro stakes player yourself, this April could be the best time to join 888poker and enjoy tons of tournament action within your comfort zone.

The Series will be running from April 14 to 23, and each day offers a variety of tournaments with different buyins, structures, and gameplay formats, so keep on reading to learn more and sign up with 888poker to get in on the action.

Dozens of Micro Stakes Event Every Day

In a manner of any major online poker tournament series, the 888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series will feature over a dozen unique events every day over the course of ten days.

The first events will start at 4 PM each day, while the last ones will kick off at 9:30 PM, giving you plenty of time to join the action.

While mainly focused on No Limit Texas Hold’em, the Series will include some Pot Limit Omaha events as well across its schedule.

The festival will kick off with a Mystery Bounty event on April 14, which will offer several different buyin levels, including $3.30, $5.50, $11, and $55.

From there, things will only get even more exciting, with each day bringing over a dozen events with thousands of dollars in guarantees and extremely affordable buyins.

Some of the bigger events of the Series will feature buyins of $11 and guarantees of $10k, giving you an opportunity to spin up your bankroll in a single deep run.

From Day 1 onwards, the 888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series will give you a chance to experience the special feeling of competing in a tournament series that high rollers get multiple times every year, all culminating in the final days of the $100,000 guaranteed Main Event.

Win a Unique Trophy in the ChampionChip Main Event

The opportunity to grind out dozens of event over 10 days of the 888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series will be exciting, but the one presented by the Main Event takes a whole different form.

Starting as early as April 14, Main Event Day 1 flights will run daily, allowing players multiple opportunities to build up a stack and qualify for Day 2 on the penultimate day of the festival.

The Main Event will feature a $25 buyin, making it one of the most affordable opportunities all year to play for a prize pool worth half a million dollars.

All qualifiers from the many Day 1 flights will make their way into Day 2 on April 22, with the final table played out on April 23 and streamed live on 888poker’s Twitch channel.

This means players who make the final table will not only get to play for the big money, but will do so in front of a massive live crowd cheering them on one hand at a time.

Finally, the event will also award a unique MicroRoller’s ChampionChip Trophy, which will make one player a part of the 888poker history.

Win Your Way Into the Main Event for Free

The $25 buyin fee for the 888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series may seem quite affordable to many, but some players prefer to invest even less, and that’s OK!

In fact, 888poker has prepared for that, providing plenty of opportunity to win Main Event seats for as little at $0.00.

Daily Freeroll Qualifiers lead straight into the MicroChips Series Main Event with absolutely no investment, making it the best chance for players without a bankroll at 888poker.

For everyone else, satellite tournaments with buyins as low as $3.30 will be offered each day, and you can grind these out to win multiple seats and have multiple shots at playing the big one.

Join 888poker today to get into the satellite grind and start your satellite grind even before the Series officially kicks off on Sunday.

Best Chance for Micro Rollers This Season

Micro stakes poker is super-exciting as it involves minimal risk but offers all the joys and thrills that poker tournaments bring with it.

This month, 888poker gives you a chance to compete for valuable prizes, unique trophies, and your place in poker history, all for $100 or less.

Join 888poker, make a minimal deposit, and compete in multiple daily events with hundreds of players and thousands of dollars in guaranteed prize pools.

Remember that even the Main Event can be played for far less than the $25 official price tag, as satellites are already running and offering plenty of extra opportunities to win your seat.

If you decide to play this year’s 888poker Micro Rollers ChampionChips Series, we wish you the best of luck at the tables and hope to see you on the 888poker Twitch stream on April 23.

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