Global Spins: WPT Global’s New Jackpot SNG Format on Trial

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Last Updated: November 28, 2023

Recently, WPT Global launched a brand new game format called Global Spins, a jackpot SNG game that offers massive awards to the lucky winners but takes a bit of value from all other players along the way.

The new format offers players a chance to win up 5,000x their initial buy-in, with buy-ins starting at $1 and going all the way up to $250, giving players with all bankroll sizes a chance to participate and potentially get lucky and land that massive multiplier.

However, Global Spins add a brand new feature, a progressive jackpot which pools together 1% of all buy-ins across the board and awards it to players in the jackpot SNG when it finally comes around.

Global Spins are already available at WPT Global and you can play them today. All you need to do is sign up with WPT Global, pick your buy-in level, and get in the action.

But, before you do so, you may want to keep reading and find out more about Global Spins structure and how they compare with similar formats across other poker networks.

Global Spins Structure Explained

Looking at the most basic level, Global Spins are very similar to the already existing jackpot SNG formats available at other sites, such as PokerStars, GGPoker, and PartyPoker, all of which have their own version of a jackpot SNG.

Global Spins are available at buy-in levels ranging from $1 to $250, with a top prize multiplier of 6,000x at each level, 5,000x of which goes towards the winner’s prize.

Like other jackpot SNGs, a Global Spin starts when three players have signed up for it, with a random number generator selecting a multiplier between 2x and 6,000x randomly, with 2 out of a 1,000,000 games awarded with the highest multiplier, and almost half of all games awarded with the lowest.

Here is a quick look at all the possible multipliers you can get in Global Spins games and the probability of getting them:

Multiplier 1st 2nd 3rd Probability
6,000x 5,000x 500x 500x 0.0002%
240x 200x 20x 20x 0.003%
120x 100x 10x 10x 0.0075%
25x 25x N/A N/A 0.01%
10x 10x N/A N/A 0.05%
5x 5x N/A N/A 0.85%
3x 3x N/A N/A 41.4%
2x 2x N/A N/! 49.4%

Depending on the multiplier you are awarded, you will start a Global Spin with anywhere between 400 and 1,000 chips, with blinds starting at 10/20 and going up every 6 minutes.

There isn’t too much time to find a good spot in a Global Spin, which is why these games tend to be over fast and allow for tons of volume and fast-paced action.

Global Spins Progressive Jackpots

As you can see, the general structure of Global Spins and games like Spin and Go on PokerStars or Spin and Gold on GGPoker are more or less the same, so what’s the big difference?

The only real big difference is the progressive jackpot feature, which was introduced by WPT Global to make Global Spins that much more exciting.

For the progressive jackpot feature, the operator takes 1% of every buy-in at every level and puts it safely aside for the progressive jackpot prize pool.

This money keeps on accumulating over time, and is not paid out until the two-in-a-million long-shot finally lands, and the big jackpot Global Spin is initiated.

When this happens, the players in that Global Spin are awarded not just with the 6,000 multiplier on their buy-in, but also the entire progressive jackpot prize pool on top of that.

Since there is no telling when the jackpot game will start, the size of the progressive prize pool can be massive, as money continues to accumulate with each passing day.

This means playing Global Spins becomes even more lucrative once the jackpot game has not been played in a long time at one stake, as that means there is more to win if you get lucky and happen to buy into the jackpot game.

Is the Progressive Jackpot Good or Bad for Players?

Like all things in poker, the Global Spins progressive jackpot has its positive and negative sides, depending on how you look at it.

To begin with all jackpot SNG games are incredibly high variance, with only a few players ever getting to sit into the max multiplier game, and everyone else paying for their pleasure.

On the other hand, the format is notorious for being one of the softest around, with thousands of recreational players looking for some quick action and a chance to spin up a massive win in just a few minutes.

For recreational players, whose only goal in jackpot SNGs is to hit the jackpot game, and who don’t care too much about what happens in the meantime, the addition of a progressive jackpot is ideal, as it means they will win even more if they do get lucky.

The 1% deduction from regular prize pools, on the other hand, may damage the bottom line of regular grinders who are relying on that small edge and grinding out a 2% or 3% ROI in these games.

With an additional 1% of all buy-ins being taken out of play, grinding Global Spins for a steady profit will become that much more difficult, and it may not be a game that too many regs play with that intention.

In fact, it is likely that WPT Global was happy to make it this way, as the operator generally tries to appeal to recreational players and maintain a balanced poker ecosystem that awards recreational players for their play.

It is also worth noting that games at WPT Global are generally a tad softer than those at comparable competitors, which means the lower quality of play in Global Spins may be enough to make up for the 1% deduction and help regular players keep their edge and their profit in these games in the long run as well.

Give Global Spins a Shot at WPT Global

Global Spins are now available at WPT Global and you can try the new format for as little as $1 per game.

All you need is a free WPT Global account, and you will be set to go. In fact, the operator will award you with some free Global Spins tickets on your first deposit, with more valuable tickets awarded to players who make bigger deposits.

All of this comes in addition to the $1,200 first deposit bonus, the biggest you will find anywhere online, so make sure to sign up with WPT Global now and receive all the freebies and a chance to play exciting progressive jackpot SNGs at the world’s softest online poker app.

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