WPT Prime Aix-En-Provence Kicks off the Mid-Major Season

WPT Prime Aix En Provence

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Last Updated: February 3, 2024

Following a super-successful 2023, WPT has come into 2024 strong with a Main Tour festival in Cambodia and a Prime Tour festival in southern France, all scheduled for the first month of the year.

The first stop of this year’s WPT Prime starts today at Aix-En-Provence, some 25 kilometers north of Marseilles, and promises to bring the full allure of the World Poker Tour to the picturesque town.

Hosted by Casino Grand, a luxurious casino venue in Aix-En-Provence, the first WPT Prime festival this year should be one for the history books, with the entirety of French, Italian, and Spanish poker communities looking forward to Main Event kicking off.

Of course, the event is a part of the World Poker Tour, which means you can expect players from all over the world to take their seats from January 26 to February 5.

Keep reading to find out more details about WPT Prime Aix-En-Provence, including a full schedule of events for the players who are set on taking part in this exciting poker extravaganza.

WPT Voyage

Affordable Buyins and Huge Prize Pools

If there is one thing that makes the WPT Prime Tour what it is, it is the reasonable buy-ins and huge prize pools routinely created by both the Main Events and the smaller events played alongside them.

This year’s WPT Prime Main Event in Aix-En-Provence will come with the usual €1,100 buyin fee but will be accompanied by a series of side events with buyins ranging from just €200 to €2,200.

Freezeouts, knockouts, and high rollers are all on the schedule, offering plenty of diversity both in terms of buyins and game format each and every day.

While events themselves are not set up with guaranteed prize pools, a great turnout is expected, which will, in turn, create highly appealing prize pools, offering tens and even hundreds of thousands for the champions in some of the events.

WPT Prime Aix-En-Provence Full Schedule

Whether you are already in Aix-En-Provence, on your way there, or still contemplating playing the festival, it is worth checking out the full schedule before the action starts.

The folks at WPT have done a great job to ensure there is something on the schedule for everyone and that plenty of action is available every day of the festival.

Alongside the Main Event and numerous side events, WPT has also prepared plenty of poker satellites for the bigger tournaments, allowing players to win seats for just a fraction of the buyin price.

Here is a look at the full WPT Prime Aix-En-Provence schedule, including all the satellites you can play to win your seats in the Main Event and more:

Jan 26 – 28WPT KOP Opener€30040k – 30min
Jan 26WPT Superstack 200€200100k – 1*45/15 min
Jan 26WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16520k – 20 min
Jan 27WPT Freezeout 200€20030k – 15/20 min
Jan 27WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16520k – 20 min
Jan 28WPT Superstack 300€300100k – 1*75/25 min
Jan 28WPT Regular 200€20030k – 15/20 min
Jan 28WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16520k – 20 min
Jan 29WPT Bounty ITM€20040k – 20 min
Jan 29WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16520k – 20 min
Jan 30 – 31WPT Classic€50040k – 30/40 min
Jan 30WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16520k – 20 min
Jan 31 – Feb 1WPT Knockout€70040k – 40 min
Jan 31WPT Regular 200€20030k – 15/20 min
Jan 31WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16520k – 20 min
Feb 1 – 5WPT Prime Main Event€1,10050k – 40 min
Feb 1WPT KOP Regular 300€30030k – 15/20 min
Feb 1WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€16520k – 20 min
Feb 2WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€25020k – 15 min
Feb 2WPT Freezeout 200€20030k – 15/20 min
Feb 2WPT Regular 500€50030k – 15/20 min
Feb 3WPT Prime Main Event Satellite€25020k – 15 min
Feb 3WPT Prime High Roller Satellite€35020k  – 20 min
Feb 3WPT Prime High Roller Satellite€35020k – 20 min
Feb 4WPT Prime High Roller Satellite€35020k – 15 min
Feb 4 – 5WPT High Roller€2,200250k – 40 min
Feb 4WPT Superstack 300€300100k – 1*45/15 min
Feb 5WPT Closer€30040k – 20/25 min

It is important to note that re-entries in all events, except freezeouts, will only be allowed once per starting day, meaning you get to play any event a maximum of two times in a single day. Events with multiple starting days will allow for one entry and one re-entry each starting day.

Get Ready for Epic Poker Action

Last year, WPT Prime shattered records left and right and made itself the world's most successful mid-major poker tour.

Last season’s WPT Prime Aix-En-Provence Main Event attracted a total of 457 entrants and created a prize pool of $482,000, with Samy Boujmala taking home the trophy and over $100k in prize money.

This year, we can expect the numbers to be shattered and even more players to jump in and play the opening WPT Prime event of the season as the mild weather and promise of poker greatness bring out the best players from all over Europe and beyond.

With just days left until the Main Event kicks off, all that’s left is to get down to Pasino Grand and book the tournament ticket that could take your tournament poker career to the next step. 

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