16 vs 8 in Blackjack – What’s the Best Strategy?

16 vs 8 blackjack

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Last Updated: February 21, 2024

When faced with a 16 vs. 8 in blackjack during a round, most players are indecisive about what they should do. I6 is a high number in blackjack, a game where players try not to go over 21. So it is understandable that players are afraid to hit when they have cards with a total value of 16 in their possession. According to calculations, you will go bust 62% of the time when you hit on 16. This may seem like a high probability, but it is lesser when compared to the 70% chance of losing if you decide to stand.

When a dealer has an 8 as the face-up card, they have between 74%-83% chance of getting between 17-21 when they draw their next card. This means that the advantage is with the dealer when players decide to stand in the 16 vs 8 matchup. Therefore, it is better to give yourself a fighting chance by choosing to hit. This puts you on the front foot and allows you to be aggressive with your blackjack strategy

Eliminate the fear of going bust, as this makes players very conservative even when the numbers say it's a bad idea. The chances of losing on either hitting or standing are high, but they are less so when you choose to hit. It’s better to go bust when trying the aggressive approach than to stand and get taken out by the dealer. Always hit!

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