3 Best Craps Simulators to Practice Your Strategy

wizard of odds craps simulator

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Last Updated: January 18, 2024

Craps simulators are online software that allow gamblers to play craps games for free. These Simulators are powered by Random Number Generators (RNGs) that simulate dice rolls and values. Furthermore, players can make wagers on these rolls but no real money payouts occur if the bets come. 

If you are learning how to play craps, using a craps strategy simulator will provide a hands-on experience. You will also not be required to bet real money so there is no risk involved. Here are 3 of the best craps simulators available online for you to test your strategies:


BetSoft is one of the most popular simulators available for craps players online. They can test various strategies and bet types in different scenarios. According to online group chats and player reviews, their dice rolls are fairly unique and are the closest to real life dice rolls. 


In terms of popularity, Easy.Vegas is the second most popular craps simulator on the market. It has high odds that improve player experience and it can be configured to suit player needs. There is also a help file attached, which can help players learn the rules and build strategies to test out in the simulator. 

It's more paired down than BetSoft, but it certainly works for it's intended purpose.

The Best Free Craps Simulator: Wizard of Odds

Wizard of Odds offers online craps players a unique simulation experience. Players can use it to test different strategies and measure the effectiveness. It also looks quite nice.

wizard of odds craps simulator

Of all the simulators we tested, this one from Wizard of Odds was far and away the best.


Using craps simulators are the best way to try out strategies because they are risk free. Use any of these three craps simulators above and unlock a new dimension to your craps skills.

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