3 Reel vs 5 Reel Slots: What’s the Difference?

3 reel vs 5 reel slots

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Last Updated: February 21, 2024

Slots have different numbers of reels, and each reel is important because it determines the number of symbols and paylines that can be available at a time. The most common battle among slot machine enthusiasts is 3 reel vs 5 reel slots.

3 reel slots are usually classic slot machines or slots that copy the classic aesthetic. These slots are simple and usually have fewer paylines, lower volatility, and fewer bonus features. Most times, they use traditional fruit, bar, and diamond symbols that are common in classic slot games. Finally, these slots usually have a low RTP and variance. 

5 reel slots or video slots, as they are commonly known, are modern slots. These slot games have great visuals (2D or 3D), immersive sound, and themes. They also have a high RTP and volatility, which ensures that players receive a generous payout when they play. In addition, they have bonus features such as free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, and scatters. 

The major differences between these slots is their RTP, volatility, and betting limits. 5 reel slots have high RTP, high volatility, and higher betting limits, while 3 reel slots are the opposite. The cool graphics, sounds, and paylines also set the slots apart. 

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