Become a Killer Whale and Earn 50% Rakeback at GGPoker

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Last Updated: January 17, 2024

GGPoker has been at the very top of the online poker industry for a while now, holding the number one spot in terms of cash game and tournament traffic, and widely considered as the best poker site by a big chunk of the poker community.

The operator has provided some of the best poker games and lucrative promotions for a long time, but one area in which it sometimes lagged behind its competitors was the VIP program, with especially lower stakes players often able to find a better deal in other places.

Now, GGPoker is introducing something very special, with a chance at a 50% flat rakeback offered to all players on the platform for a period of 100 days.

You read that right! If you opt-in right now, you can have 50% flat rakeback, paid in cash on a weekly basis at GGPoker.

The Killer Whale promotion will be running until February 14, and all players who opt-in for the Killer Whale status until then will have access to 50% flat rakeback for a period of 100 days.

Sign up with GGPoker right now if you don’t have an account yet or keep on reading and find out more about this amazing offer before you get on board and start earning the big bucks with the best rakeback offer around.

Killer Whale Rank Added to Fish Buffet

The Fish Buffet rakeback program has been offered at GGPoker for years now, and while various changes were made to it over that time, it was always a bit of a convoluted scheme.

All players start at the lowest rank of Plankton and work their way up through ranks like Goldfish, Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, all the way up to Shark and GGPlatinum.

At all ranks up until Platinum Octopus, the rakeback you receive is decided by spinning a wheel of fortune, with a theoretical rakeback percentage set in place, but the real amount you get decided by a spin of the wheel, adding lots of variance to the actual rakeback you get in any given month.

What’s even more, even a Platinum Octopus, which takes quite a bit of play to achieve, only pays 35% in rakeback, with this rank actually offering a flat weekly payout.

The new Killer Whale rank, however, offers a 50% flat rakeback for 100 days and anyone can sign up for it, making the rest of the Fish Buffet scheme irrelevant for the time being.

Sign Up for the Killer Whale Rank

You must be wondering what it takes to become a Killer Whale and get the 50% flat rakeback at GGPoker, and the answer will surprise you. You just need to opt-in!

That’s it! Anyone who has or creates a GGPoker account can go in there right now and become a Killer Whale, whether they have a bankroll of $10 or $1,000,000.

To become a Killer Whale yourself, here is what you need to do:

  • Head over to GGPoker and create an account
  • Log into your GGPoker account
  • Click on the Fish Buffet Icon
  • Click on the “Upgrade to Killer Whale” icon
  • Play poker with 50% Rakeback

It really is as simple as that. Anyone who goes through the steps will receive the 50% flat rakeback for the next 100 days at GGPoker, while future status will have to do with the amount of poker they play in the period.

If you can earn 400,000 FPs during your promotional period, while earning the flat rakeback, you will get to keep the Platinum Whale status for the next 365 days, maintaining the 50% rakeback for a full year.

Become Killer Whale at GGPoker
Simple Steps to Become Killer Whale at GGPoker

Of course, those who can earn even more FPs by playing high stakes games can even aim for the Platinum Shark or GGPlatinum statuses, earning 55% or 60% rakeback respectively, but those levels are reserved for the biggest rakers on the platform for the time being.

If you are like the most of us, you probably aren’t able to achieve these statuses on a regular basis, but for 100 days you will have the same privileges as any Platinum Whale on the platform and receive 50% of your rake right back into your balance, making the scheme better than anything other poker sites have to offer.

The Best Offer in Town

Just days ago, GGPoker’s biggest competitors PokerStars came out with some great news for the player, announcing a revamp of their VIP scheme to offer up to 60% in flat rakeback starting January 22.

The scheme more or less matches GGPoker’s Fish Buffet program, with monthly ranks receiving up to 40% rakeback and yearly ranks offering 50% and 60% respectively.

However, GGPoker’s current promotional offer gives exactly 50% in flat rakeback to anyone who wants it, making it superior to PokerStars scheme for literally everyone but the highest stakes players out there.

Achieving PokerStars Select and Select Plus statuses will take time and effort, which makes playing at GGPoker superior for the time being in terms of poker bonuses and rakeback alone.

Of course, there are many other reasons to play at PokerStars, and having an account on both platforms makes sense for a lot of reasons, but for the next 100 days, no one will be able to beat GGPoker as the top dog.

Sign up for your GGPoker account today to play at the world’s biggest poker site and receive the most lucrative rakeback offer for 100 days as we anticipate further changes to operator’s VIP program and more consistent player rewards in the months to come.

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