10 Best Roulette Numbers (According to Gamblers)

best roulette numbers

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Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Roulette is a game of numbers. Players have to predict the number that the roulette ball will land on when the wheel stops spinning. There are 37 or 38 possible numbers depending on the version of roulette you are playing. These variances also shift the house edge as the extra number means the odds vary ever so slightly. Here are the 10 best roulette numbers gamblers should bet on:

Number 17

It is a favorite among experienced players because it is positioned in the middle of the wheel. 

Number 7

This is common among players because it is seen as a lucky number. 

Number 24 (split)

This is usually played as a split bet with the number 23 because of its position on the wheel. 

Number 23 (split)

It is played as a split bet with the number 24 because of its position. 

Number 25

Its proximity to number 17 makes it a common bet for players. 

Number 3

Although it is considered to have a low probability, it is common among players. 

Numbers 13-24 (Dozen Bet)

This is a blanket bet that covers all the numbers between 13-24. Many players pick the dozen bet as a common roulette strategy because it increases the range, but it has low payouts. 

Numbers 2-35 (Column Bet)

Just like the Dozen Bet, this increases player odds, but the payout is usually lower. Another bonus is that it includes two of the most popular numbers in roulette. 

Numbers 19-36 (High Bet)

This bet captures all the high-value numbers on the wheel. It is popular because it increases the odds of winning the bet, but the payout is low, and it excludes number 17.

Numbers 1-18 (Low Bet)

This bet groups all the low-value numbers on the roulette wheel and includes two of the most common numbers, 7 and 17. 

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