What is Bubble Craps AKA Shoot to Win Craps?

bubble craps

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Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Bubble craps is a variation of the conventional craps game. It is an electronic version of the game that has become popular in some casinos in recent years. The Bubble Craps machine is primarily manufactured by Aruze Gaming and Interblock. 

Bubble Craps is actually a slang term commonly used for this crap variant. The actual name for the version of this game manufactured by Aruze Gaming is “Shoot to Win Craps” while the one from Interblock is called “Organic Craps”. 

Bubble Craps is an electronic device with a glass or plastic dome that houses a giant pair of dice. The bubble-like design of this dome is the inspiration behind the name. In Bubble Craps, players place their bets on a digital interface instead of a traditional craps table. This is often a large screen from where players can shoot the dice by simply pressing a button or touching a screen interface (hence the name Shoot to Win Craps). 

As an electronic version of the game, Bubble craps is designed to accommodate more players simultaneously. Unlike traditional craps rules, where a shooter gets to keep the dice until they “seven out,” the machine decides whose turn it is to shoot in Bubble craps. 

Although there are no chips, and you don’t get to interact with other players like you would at a conventional craps table, you get to enjoy other benefits, like the convenience of calling off or canceling your bets at any time. The machine also includes a roll history where you can see all your past dice rolls as you play. 

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