Can Skill-Based Slot Machines Be Profitable in the Long Run?

can skill slots be profitable

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Last Updated: October 10, 2022

Skill-based slots are a fairly new addition to the gambling industry, and we are yet to see the best of them.

Although some gambling experts are claiming that skill-based slot machines are the future of the industry, the data is still out on how lucrative these games can be for those that decide to commit to them.

This poses a crucial question: can skill-based slots be profitable in the long run? In an effort to answer this, we’ll discuss how skill-based slots work, the main pros and these games, and whether they are worth your attention.

How do Skill-Based Slots Work?

If you’re a frequent casino visitor, you might have passed by a skilled-based slot without even noticing it.

This is because these modern games don’t differ much from standard slot machines. But, what’s on the inside makes the difference.

When you trigger a bonus feature in a skill-based slot, it’s not all up to luck or random chance.

To win these rounds, you also need a certain level of skill.

For example, you might need to win a car race or connect several symbols in a row. The actions aren’t overly demanding but still require some skill and concentration.

advantages of skill-based slots

While interactivity is the defining element of these games, you don’t necessarily have to engage in a skill-based mini-game.

In some skill-based slots, you can still opt for a straightforward bonus like free spins, which will automatically take you to the chance-based part of the game.

Pros of Skill-Based Slots

The main advantage of skill-based slots is the prospect of getting better returns for your money than you would get with a standard slot game.

You have more control over the game, meaning that your decisions actually matter. This sounds far better than being just a spectator when playing classic slots.

In line with this, the fact that you have direct input in the game also makes the wins more rewarding and enjoyable.

Even a small win feels more valuable as it comes as a result of your decisions. You’re not just spinning the reels and waiting for whatever comes up.

So, if you’re dedicated to a game long enough and learn everything you should know, in theory, you should win more money.

This is especially true if you also combine your gameplay with favorable bonus offers you can claim at Lionbonuses.

Cons of Skill-Based Slots

While the advantages of skill-based slots are undeniable, it’s also important to consider a few factors on the other side to get a complete picture of whether or not you should play these games.

For starters, the main disadvantage of skill-based slots is that you’re affected by both the RNG and your overall level of skill.

In other words, in regular slots, the house edge is fixed, and there’s nothing you can do to improve or lessen it.

In skill-based slots, you can get more favorable returns if you play well. But, for most players, chances are they will get significantly worse returns than they would by playing a classic slot.

This is simply because every player will make mistakes in the long run.

skill slots cons

Additionally, the downside of skill-based slots is that the learning curve is steep. As there’s a skill element involved, those starting the game are guaranteed to be less successful than those who’ve already played it for some time and learned the gameplay.

This is something players who play traditional luck-based slots don’t need to worry about.

Can Skill-Based Slots Be Profitable? – Summing It Up

Knowing everything we’ve discussed above, it’s not difficult to answer this question. Ultimately, skill-based slots put a unique and entertaining twist on a casino game that has been around for more than a century.

They are fun, entertaining, and still involve a great deal of luck.

That said, should you focus on skills-based slots in the long run? The answer is probably – no. You shouldn’t expect to be profitable in skill-based slots any more than you would be in regular slots.

Despite the “skill-based” prefix, these games still don’t involve enough skill and player input to be a viable choice for steady long-term profits.

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