3 Best Free Craps Calculators

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Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Beginner and expert craps players need to know how each bet they make will pay out. Knowing these outcomes will allow them to plan their wagers and manage their risk. It will also help them to manage their bankroll and extend their playtime. Calculating the odds and payout of bets has become easier through the use of a craps calculator which can be found online. Here are three of the best craps calculators available to players online: 

Parlay Nation

The Parlay Nation calculator has a separate section for each bet on the table. You can calculate the odds payments for pass line, place, buy, field, any 7, and horn bets. Users can adjust the buttons to provide desired results, and they can use the available resources on the site to improve their craps strategies and roles. Users will also learn how to make bets in proper increments and improve their bankroll management when gambling at the craps table. 


The POGG takes a teaching approach to their calculator. They have a section explaining every available bet in craps, the odds, house edge, and other relevant information. The calculator may be a bit limited, but the website makes up for this by providing extensive charts that show users the probabilities for each bet and the possible payout. In addition, there is a fairness calculator that allows users to calculate the house edge and advantage of each bet. 

Rick House 

If you prefer to have an app on your phone, then this is the calculator for you. The Rick House calculator is your one-stop app for all craps calculations. You can practice using its intuitive layouts, calculate payouts, and learn the house edge of each strategy and number. It simplifies craps calculations, and it is suitable for beginners or expert craps players. 

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