Enjoy Another Month of Rake-Free Tournaments at WPT Global

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Last Updated: April 15, 2024

It seems WPT Global isn’t done with its giveaways just yet. Having redistributed the entire amount of rake gathered in March back to the players via three special freerolls, the operator decided to do something similar this month, making April a completely rake-free month for tournament players.

This time, the room has decided to keep things simple, so instead of gathering the rake to redistribute later, they made it so that there is no rake attached to any of their MTTs.

This means that every dollar paid in buy-ins on WPT Global this month will go straight to the prize pool. It is a great promotion overall, but especially valuable for players who put in a good volume, as it means they’ll be saving a pretty penny.

It’s High Time to Get Involved

Although the first half of April is behind us already, there is plenty of time to take advantage of this opportunity in the last two weeks of the month.

Namely, in a few days’ time, WPT Global will be launching its Warm Up Festival, and all events on the schedule will be completely rake-free. This certainly makes the series less bankroll-intensive and gives you space to squeeze in a few more buy-ins instead of spending money to cover fees.

The info about the Warm Up Festival should be coming soon, as the series is set to run April 19 – 28. But even without the schedule, we can assume it’s going to be a quality event with generous guarantees and some overlays to spice things up even more.

Even if you don’t count yourself a true grinder, the ability to play without rake is beneficial. You’ll basically get to play one free event for every few tournaments you enter, and that’s not a small thing. Naturally, the more you play, the more you get to benefit from this offer.

Taking the Road Less Traveled

For some time now, WPT Global has been taking a different direction than most online poker rooms. While many operators are hiking their rake and introducing ideas to keep as much rake flowing through, they are doing the opposite.

It’s fair to say that this is a daring strategy, especially given the fact many of their tournaments still have overlays. But Alex Scott and the rest of the team are sticking to their guns, firm in their belief that players will recognize the value of an operator that’s not afraid to give back.

It seems that results are already showing, as player numbers have been on the constant increase on WPT Global, and if they continue with promotions like rake-free tournaments, there is no reason to think that trend will stop.

That said, it seems that the sudden surge in traffic has been causing some difficulties on the technical side of things. Players on the WPT Global Discord server have been reporting connectivity issues, especially on weekends.

In the short term, this isn’t great, of course. But it is an indicator of quick growth, which, in the long term, will be a good thing for all players on the site. The operator has a strong team working behind the scenes, so it’s safe to assume these technical problems will be dealt with swiftly and affected players compensated fairly.

Warm Up for the Grind

The WPT Global Warm Up festival is just around the corner, and we’ll make sure to update you with all the details once the schedule is out.

This is the only tournament series you’ll get to play without paying any rake, so it is something to keep on your radar at the very least.

To top it all off, WPT Global also features a rather generous welcome bonus of up to $1,200 for new players, and although you won’t be able to clear it playing rake-free MTTs, it’s a nice boost for those who also like to play some cash games on the side.

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