What is the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy?

Fibonacci roulette strategy

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Last Updated: February 24, 2024

The Fibonacci roulette strategy is a popular betting system based on the famous Fibonacci sequence. This is a negative progression betting system, guiding players to increase their bets after losing and decrease them after winning. The betting system follows a precise pattern that can theoretically be increased indefinitely.

Although the sequence was conceived and described several thousand years ago, it was popularized by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci in 1202. The basic premise of the sequence is that every following number is the sum of two numbers that precede it. These numbers go as such: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, and so on.

To put it in the context of a roulette betting strategy, you would use the starting number as your base betting unit. If you lose, you move one space up the sequence. For every win, you should revert two spaces back in the sequence.

The Fibonacci roulette strategy works best on even-money bets. If you use it on other bets available in the game, its effectiveness will be diminished significantly. Here’s an example of how you can employ the Fibonacci roulette strategy for more methodical betting:

Bet Amount Bet Outcome Net Profit
$1 Loss -$1
$1 Loss -$2
$2 Loss -$4
$3 Loss -$7
$5 Loss $-12
$8 Win -$4
$3 Loss -$7
$5 Win -$2
$2 Win $0
$1 Win $1

After ten spins, even with 60% spins lost and a losing streak twice as long as the winning one, you’d profit one betting unit with the Fibonacci roulette strategy. While it’s not the best pick for getting the most from winning streaks, the Fibonacci system is very useful for quickly recouping losses and making a small profit.

With that in mind, the Fibonacci betting system is a much safer choice than a system like Martingale, as the chance of losing a lot of money suddenly is relatively low. This means it’s a good choice for steadily upping the stakes without risking too much.

However, the main issue is that the numbers in the sequence can grow quite a bit if you hit a prolonged losing streak. In that case, factors like your bankroll size and table limits can threaten the system’s proper functioning. Plus, due to the precisely laid out sequence, the system is more complex than straightforward roulette strategies like the Martingale, Paroli, or D’Alembert.

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