High Volatility vs Low Volatility Slots Explained

high volatility vs low volatility slots

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Last Updated: February 21, 2024

Volatility is how often a slot machine pays out and the size of the payout. There are different ranges of volatility, including low and high volatility. Knowing the difference between these slots will help players get the most out of the slot games they play. So, how do we compare high-volatility vs low-volatility slots?

Low volatility slots have regular payouts, but the payout amounts are usually small. Slots with this volatility payout on average every 5-10 spins. These slots give a consistent payout over a long period, but it is harder to get a big one-time payout from them. The payout on these slots are usually between 200x to 300x the wagered amount. Low volatility slots usually come with low to medium RTP (Return to Player), which ensures that players get consistent returns on their wagers. It is also possible to find low volatility slots with high RTPs, but these are quite rare and are the best type.

High volatility slots do not have regular payouts but they will give players large payouts more frequently. Slots with high volatility usually have high RTP and bonus features such as free spins, multipliers, wilds, and scatters. These bonus features increase the possibility of players winning a big reward. Payouts from this slot can range from 2000x to 10,000x the wagered amount. High volatility slots require players to have a sizable bankroll if they want to enjoy playing the slot. 

Low volatility slots and high volatility slots differ from each other because they provide different values for players. Gamblers should learn the volatility of the slot they want to play as it helps them to plan their strategy. If you want infrequent wins with large payouts, go for high-volatility slots. If you want consistent payouts, go for low-volatility slots. 

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