How Many Roulette Spins Happen Per Hour?

how many roulette spins per hour

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Last Updated: February 8, 2024

There are many factors that determine how many roulette spins per hour occur during play. The number of players, the time between each spin, and the time it takes for dealers to settle bets affect the number of spins that can occur every hour. 

Some tables have high activity while others have slower activity, which means that the time between spins will vary depending on how many players are available at the wheel. 

The average time between spins could be as high as 6 minutes or as low as 80 seconds, depending on the number of available players. On an average day, casinos can get 45 spins every hour, while it drops to around 25 spins on busy days.

Casinos also use auto chip mucking machines and other tools to help dealers get more spins per hour. Airball machines have been known to get up to 60-70 spins an hour, depending on the configurations of the casino. 

There is no predetermined roulette rule that dictates the number of spins a wheel should get every hour. It is influenced by various factors that are out of the control of the players, dealers, and casinos. Tables with more players will get fewer spins per hour than tables with fewer players.

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