How to Find The RTP On A Slot Machine

how to find rtp on slots

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Last Updated: February 21, 2024

The RTP of a slot is the rate at which it pays out to players. Finding the RTP of a slot before you play is important for you to know how you are going to play the game. Here is how to find RTP on slots:

  • Casino Game Information Page: The RTP of a slot game is usually provided by the online casino in their game details page. This is mandated by most online casino regulators as it aims to promote transparency in online gambling.
  • Game Provider Page: The game’s provider will have all the details you need on their own website. This information includes the volatility, RTP, minimum bet, jackpot amount, and maximum payout.
  • In-Game Menu: The in-game menu of most slot games contains the RTP of the game. Players can check this menu by clicking the settings button available on the game. 
  • Check Casino Review Websites: Casino game reviews usually contain all the relevant information regarding a game. This includes the RTP which is one of the biggest metrics used by players to decide if they will play a game or not. 
  • Email Enquiry: Players can send an email containing the name of the slot and request the RTP of the slot. The response from the game provider or casino (depending on who the email was sent to) will contain the RTP of the game. 
  • Research Reports: The research reports of leading casino game researchers will contain the details of the game, including the RTP. These reports are released periodically, and they are updated frequently with the latest games. 

Finding the RTP of a game is not hard, as there are different methods you can use when gaming. Use any of the methods we have outlined above to find the RTP of your favorite slot. 

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